RILEM Newsletter - May 2018

We had it all… and it was historical!


The above is certainly a headline we can rightfully use to report on the first RILEM Spring Convention which took place in March in Barcelona. Our colleagues at UPC did a wonderful job in organising the event. A mix of standing committee meetings, a few TC meetings, interesting lectures at the workshop in Honour of Prof. Antonio Aguado, and two Colonnetti’s lectures marked the event, not to forget the very interesting visit to the Sagrada Familia.

Quite a number of interesting developments were reported at the standing committee meetings, to name a few: the progress in implementing the new website, and now also a RILEM App (Apple and Android); the publication of our 2017 annual report; the preparations for our 75th anniversary in 2021;

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The RILEM app is here!

After a new website, the free RILEM app! The app gives you an easy access to the news, the events, the technical committees, and the network of members. You can also update your profile and pay your membership fees (if not done already).

The app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Androids. Download it today!

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail us.


The 2017 RILEM Annual Report is available

RILEM released its 2017 Annual Report which recounts the association’s activities and looks ahead to future challenges. We want to thank again all contributors. We look forward to an even better 2018.

A pdf version of the report is available online on the website. Print copies are available upon request by contacting the Secretariat.

New Technical Committees

Three technical committees were approved in Barcelona during the 1st RILEM Spring Convention:

  • TC CCL - Calcined Clays as Supplementary Cementitious Materials, chaired by Jose Fernando Martirena-Hernandez
  • TC CEC - Controlled expansion of concrete by adding MgO-based expansive agents taking the combined influence of composition and size of concrete elements into consideration, chaired by Jiaping Liu
  • TC CAM - Chloride transport in alkali-activated materials, chaired by Arnaud Castel

Another TC was approved by TAC after the meeting: TC IEC - Impact and Explosion, chaired by Marco Di Prisco

If you wish to participate in any of these TCs, please don't hesitate to contact us

The 1st RILEM Spring Convention was a success!

1st RILEM Spring Convention, and Workshop on Advances in Durability and New Construction Materials in Honour of Prof. Antonio Aguado, 19-21 March 2018

Thanks to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya for having hosted such a memorable event!

The 2018 Gustavo Colonnetti Medalists were present at the Convention to receive their Medal and give a lecture:

  • Dr. Sergio H. P. Cavalaro, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University: "Connecting the underground world with fibres"
  • Dr. Didier Snoeck, Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, Ghent University: "Superabsorbent polymers to seal and heal cracks in cementitious materials" 

Videos of their lectures but also videos of the other lectures on that day are available on RILEM's YouTube channel.


Report from the Technical Activities Committee (TAC)

  • The TAC decided to change the title of the Technical Committee Secretary into Deputy Chair
  • The TAC gave numbers to the following active TCs in ...

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72nd Annual Week, Delft, Netherlands, 26-30 August 2018

RILEM Technical Day

The Technical Committee presentations and the Robert L’Hermite Medalist lecture will be on Wednesday 29 August. The following presentations are planned:

  • TC-241-MCD Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Asphalt and Composite Pavements, by William Buttlar
  • TC 245-RTE,  Reinforcement of Timber Elements in Existing Structures, by Jorge Branco

  • TC 251-SRT, Sulfate resistance testing, by Véronique Baroghel-Bouny

  • TC 260-RSC, Recommendations for use of superabsorbent polymers in concrete construction, by Viktor Mechtcherine

The 2018 Robert L’Hermite Medalist, Fernando Moreno Navarro will give a lecture  "Designing more durable asphalt materials".


During the SLD4 conference and CONMOD2018 symposium special sessions will be organised on the topic “Concrete Modelling and Material Behaviour” to honour the retirement of Professor Klaas van Breugel. Please check the programme online.

Three PhD courses will take place the week before (21-24 August 2018):

  • Corrosion Science & Corrosion Control for Infrastructure (CSC2I)
  • Multi-scale Modelling Course for Concrete (MMC2)
  • Concrete Microscopy Course (CMC) **FULL**

Technical Committee Meetings: If you want to organise a TC meeting in the margins of the Annual Week, please do not hesite to contact us.


To register or enroll to the PhD courses, please visit the website of the RILEM Week 2018: www.RILEMweek2018.org

Deadline is 1 July 2018!

The schedule of RILEM Standing committees can be found hereAll members attending RILEM meetings must register on the conference website and list the meetings they are attending (link above).

50th Birthday of Bituminous materials within RILEM

During the RILEM celebration at the ISAP conference in Fortaleza on 19-21 June 2018, a short retrospective will be presented showing the activities, impact and achievements of different RILEM Technical Committees (TC) over the last 50 years in the field of bituminous materials and asphalt testing.

Over half of a century, the different RILEM TCs succeeded in producing numerous state of the art reports and scientific papers as well as various practice oriented recommendations that were discussed and presented in well attended RILEM conferences and symposia. Through international interaction and interlaboratory tests, RILEM has influenced the standardization, testing technology and methodical analysis of this important time- and temperature dependent category of engineering materials that is often treated as being in the shadow of cementitious materials.

All that work would not have been achievable without the devotion of experts on a fully voluntary basis, of course.

Please join the special session on 21 June 2018. More information at http://isap2018.com.br/

75 years of RILEM

In view of celebrating its 75 years of activity RILEM is soon embarking on a major ‘History Project’.  This will complement the historic material from the 50th anniversary and track RILEM’s history over the last 20 to 25 years, reflecting on achievements and milestones, and tracking our progress and development over this period.  However, it will focus more on the personal recollections and reflections of previous RILEM Office Bearers and members at various levels, so much of the material will be gathered from interviews, either electronic, by telephone, or face to face.  These interviews will occur over the next 6 to 12 months.  Mark Alexander (Outgoing President 2015-2018) will be leading this project, and please feel free to share any of your own personal RILEM reflections with him, at mark.alexander@uct.ac.za or mark.alexander@rilem.org

RILEM General Secretariat News Flash

  • On May 25, 2018, a new European Union (EU) data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), took effect. The GDPR gives individuals in the EU more control over how their data is used and places certain obligations on businesses that process information of those individuals. Under this new law, we deleted the old versions of the Directory of Members (available in you personal area). Only the most recent directory is now available. You still have the possibility to search for individual members in the Search Directory in your personal area (Personal settings/Network/Search directory).
  • You can find an updated RILEM presentation in pdf on the Introduction page of the website. If you plan to present the association at a conference or in your organization, please contact us and we will send you the slides.
  • Anne has been promoted to Deputy Secretary General. The promotion is a Bureau decision at the meeting in Barcelona.
  • Congratulations to Sarah who got married last month! We wish her lots of happiness!

Publications on the website

New Recommendation, unedited STARs and proceedings are available for free downloading on the website:

  • Recommendation of RILEM TC 238-SCM:determination of the degree of reaction of siliceous fly ash and slag in hydrated cement paste by the selective dissolution method.

  • Unedited version of Testing and characterization of sustainable innovative bituminous materials and systems - TC 237-SIB. Edited by Manfred Partl, Laurent Porot, Hervé Di Benedetto, Francesco Canestrari, Paul Marsac, Gabriele Tebaldi.

  • Unedited version of Properties of fresh and hardened concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials - TC 238-SCM, working group 4. Edited by Nele De Belie, Marios Soutsos & Elke Gruyaert.

  • Proceedings of JCI-RILEM International Workshop on Control of Cracking in Concrete Structures 5 (CONCRACK5), Tokyo, Japan, 24-26 April 2017

  • Proceedings of the 10th ACI/RILEM International Conference on Cementitious Materials and Alternative Binders for Sustainable ConcreteMontréal, Canada, 2-4 October 2017

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