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GLOBE Press Release - September 2020

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First GLOBE Webinar on Bottlenecks and Potentials for Sustainable Structures (register for free here)
The JCGC is happy to invite all stakeholders of the built environment and the future of our planet, to a webinar on Bottlenecks and Potentials for Sustainable Structures on Monday 24th January, 14-16 CET. The event will highlight the positions of key international decision makers and stakeholders within the built environment, including major owner organizations, construction companies, consulting companies and regulatory authorities. The ideas and points of view collected during the webinar will provide a basis for a presence workshop organized by the JCGC on the development of the JCGC Policy Advice Note on Global Sustainable Developments in the Built Environment.

- Introduction to Globe Consensus: Michael Havbro Faber, president of the Joint Committee of the GLOBE Consensus
- Objective of the April Workshop and this ?primer?: Karen Scrivener, JCGC Member
- Statistics of the audience: Wolfram Schmidt, JCGC Member
- Series of short statements of leading people in construction sector
1. Don Ward, CEO, CIB, Canada
2. Thomas Guillot, CEO, GCCA, France
3. Roger Ridsdill Smith, Senior Partner Head of Structural Engineering, Foster and Partners, UK
4. Lars Fuhr, Technical Director, Sund & Bælt, Denmark
5. Lars-Peter Søbye, President and CEO COWI, Denmark
6. Alex Dodoo, Director, Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Ghana
- Moderated, interactive round table discussion with Q&A from the audience
- Wrap-up and future direction