198-URM: Use of recycled materials in construction

Technical Committee 198-URM

General Information

Activity starting in: 2001
Cluster C

Subject matter

Study of material properties and of processes for upgrading and cleaning using general surveys and site experiences. Special attention to environment and health aspects. The materials to be studied concern the construction materials (stony components, metals and timber) and most important finishing materials like isolation materials, roof materials, etc.

Terms of reference

4 years of study Year 1 inventory of knowledge and experience with recycled materials. Development of models for determination of quality of efficiency concerning recycling · Year 2: application and validation of models for different options of recycling · Year 3: preparation of pre-standard · Year 4: preparation of end report and international conference on recycled materials

Detailed working programme

Technical, economical and environmental efficiency of different recycling options, use of models to make choices between different processes and applications. The models to be studied will be described and analyzed and include: · Design for recycling · Design for disassembly · Life cycle analysis · Life cycle costing · High grade applications · Ecocost-value ratio · Delft ladder of priorities · Degradation factor Also a comparison is made between the efficiency of materials recycling and component recycling. In relation to this, methods are studied to upgrade components.

Technical environment

Expected achievements

Benefit: reduction of the use of virgin materials and of waste for landfill in efficient ways. The study will deliver several models which can be used to take decisions concerning the recycling of demolition and construction waste. These models will be related to each other in a decision support system. Recommendations will also be delivered concerning the specifications of recycling options.

Group of users

Research institutes, contractors, consultants, authorities.

Specific use of the results

The results will be used as decision support systems and as standards. The economic impact will be considered in relation to the value of the investigated materials and applications.