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Did you know that biodeterioration-related structural problems, i.e. damage caused by biological agents, cost billions of dollars a year in infrastructure maintenance and repair? Read more about this topic here.
2019 RILEM Recommendations The end of the year is approaching. RILEM is proud to divulge the list of the 2019 Recommendations. They represent the outcome of the amazing work done by the RILEM Technical Committees!
  • TC 243-SGM: Valek, J., et al., Recommendation of RILEM TC 243-SGM: Functional Requirements for Surface Repair Mortars for Historic Buildings,  Mater Struct (2019) 52: 28.
  • TC 237-SIB: Tebaldi et al., Recommendation of RILEM TC237-SIB on Fragmentation Test for Recycled Asphalt. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 82.
  • TC 260-RSC: Mechtcherine et al., Recommendations of RILEM TC 260-RSC for using superabsorbent polymers (SAP) for improving freeze–thaw resistance of cement-based materials. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 75.
  • TC 252-CMB: Poulikakos et al., Recommendations of RILEM TC 252-CMB: relationship between laboratory short-term aging and performance of asphalt binder. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 69.
  • TC 249-ISC: Breysse et al., Recommendation of RILEM TC249-ISC on non destructive in situ strength assessment of concrete. Mater Struct (2019) 52: 71.
All RILEM Recommendations are published is open access and they are available here
When Romans depleted the forests around the capital and in the Apennines, they started to ship timber from France! This is what a recent study showed after the analysis of 2000-year old well-preserved timber planks found during construction work on the Metro in Rome.
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