Become a RILEM member and join a RILEM TC
A RILEM member that joins a TC, beside the benefits available here, enjoys many more valuable rewards. For young researchers, belonging to a TC means being in touch with the most knowledgeable experts of the areas of research covered by the TC and therefore working in a nourishing and stimulating environment; citing a sentence from Robert Torrent, 2016 RILEM Honorary member, “It is like for a young player to have had the opportunity to play with Pelé, Maradona or nowadays with Messi”. It also means creating an important network of contacts that can only be advantageous for their career. For senior members, the TC is an opportunity to mentor younger people, to put their experience and knowledge at the service of a wider community and to share expertise for the benefit of the society. 


International RILEM conference on early-age and long-term cracking in RC structures (CRC 2021) – Abstract submission deadline 30th September 2020
CRC 2021 is a 1-day conference dedicated to cracking in RC structures. The event is scheduled to take place on 09/04/2021 and aims to bring together experts to share the state-of-the-art developments on the topic of cracking in RC and the progress within RILEM TC CCS. All accepted papers will be published by Springer as RILEM Bookseries and indexed in SCOPUS and Google Scholar. More info about this event and important COVID-19 related messages can be found here.


Biophilic Design
It is a design technique that aims to improve the connectivity between the occupants of a building and the natural environment. This article describes how this method has been recently used in a hospital in Egypt.

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75th RILEM ANNIVERSARY, 6-10 April 2021, Paris, France
75th RILEM Annual Week, 23 August-4 September 2021, Merida, Mexico
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