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The second ROC&TOK webinar will take place on Thursday, December 3rd at 2 pm UTC time (GMT+0) and will be hosted by Professor Jason Weiss, Edwards Distinguished Chair of Engineering, Oregon State University. The webinar is titled “Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures – Their Science and Role in Education”. Registration closes on Wed, December 2nd so hurry up to make sure you secure a place for this event. Please note that the number of attendants is limited. If you register, please show up!


For non-commonwealth countries, cricket is a mystery and Jos Buttler a complete stranger. However, this post is not about sport but about online meetings in COVID times: no matter if you are a world-famous player or the employee of the year of your company, I am sure the same has happened to many of you: the unexpected appearance of pets and/or kids during a business conference video call!!!     

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4th RILEM Spring Meeting, 6-9 April 2021, Paris, France
75th RILEM Annual Week, 23 August-4 September 2021, Merida, Mexico
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In view of the current Corona Virus situation, many events might have been postponed or will be soon postponed. We kindly invite you to check with the event organisers the most updated schedule of the event, Thank you!