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... RILEM Tehcnical Letters published 8 articles in December last year? Fungi to produce bioconcrete, rheology of printable cement-based materials, secondary imbibition rate of concrete and fly/ash pastes' properties are only some of the hot topics you can read in these new Open Access articles available here!


Materials and value chains for sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urbanisation in Africa
This one-day fully online conference is scheduled on Saturday 23rd January 2021.The conference is free to attend and addresses students, policy makers, engineers, architects and urban planners from all over the world. It aims at raising awareness on more sustainable architecture solutions supported by innovative construction materials and construction business and alternative urban planning and construction technology, with a focus on Africa but with global relevance. The program of the event and the registration form can be found here.


"Biopod": biohabitat in concrete underwater tetrapods
The smooth surface of concrete underwater infrastructures does not help marine species to create a nest. A recent project has brought a technique from the plastic injection molding industry into conventional concrete casting. This has lead to concrete tetrapods with a suitable surface that can help marine biology to thrive on and around it. More info available here!

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