Proceedings pro005 : International Conference on the Role of Admixtures in High Performance Concrete

Title: International Conference on the Role of Admixtures in High Performance Concrete
Edited by J. G. Cabrera and R. Rivera-Villarreal
ISBN: 2-912143-05-5
e-ISBN: 2351580214
Pages: 520
Publication date: 1999

The International Conference on the Use of Admixtures in High Performance Concrete provides a forum for presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art advances in the use of admixtures to produce high performance concrete.
In the last ten years the development of new chemical admixtures has been outstanding. The introduction of acrylic polymers,anti-corrosion chemicals, new anti-wash admixtures and more effective air entraining agents etc., has resulted in the production of concretes with better performance and durability. At the same time, the dangers arising from incompatibility when combining admixtures or using different cements with one admixture. The conference therefore will be the best forum for interchanging research results and experiences and for presenting up to date scientific and technological advances on the use of admixtures for the production of High Performance Concrete.
This publication brings together outstanding work contributed by scientists and technologists from around the world. It provides the most up-to-date information from experts in the field of chemical admixtures in concrete.


Author(s): J.G. Cabrera, R. Rivera-Villarreal
Pages: XII - XII

Author(s): J.G. Cabrera, R. Rivera-Villarreal
Pages: XIII - XIII

Chapter 1: Cement-concrete-admixture interaction

Keynote paper - The magic of synergy: Chemical and mineral admixtures for high durability concrete
Author(s): R.N. Swamy
Pages: 3 - 18

The effect of changes in cement on the properties of cement grouts with superplasticising admixtures
Author(s): P.A. Claisse, P. Lorimer, M. Al
Pages: 19 - 33

Performance of methacrylic water-soluble graft polymers with different types of cement
Author(s): M. Kinoshita, K. Okada
Pages: 34 - 47

The cement/superplasticizer compatibility: a headache for superplasticizers manufacturers
Author(s): M. Pagé, P.-C. Nkinamubanzi, P.-C. Aïtcin
Pages: 48 - 56

Study on the influence of HRWR admixtures on the hydration processes of different types of Portland cements by means of NMR spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Strupi Suput, D. Dimic, T. Apih
Pages: 57 - 66

Chapter 2: Chemical admixtures

Keynote paper - Function of organic admixture supporting high performance concrete
Author(s): H. Uchikawa
Pages: 69 - 96

Influence of molecular weight of polynaphtalene sulfonate superplasticizers on the properties of cement pastes containing different alkali contents
Author(s): B.-G. Kim, S. Jiang, P.-C. Aïtcin
Pages: 97 - 111

Complex chemical admixture improving properties of fine-grained slag ash concrete
Author(s): S. Pavlenko, Y. Bazhenov
Pages: 112 - 120

Optimization of superplasticizers: From research to application
Author(s): Y.F. Houst, R.J. Flatt, P. Bowen, H. Hofmann, U. Maeder, J. Widmer, U. Sulser, T.A. Bürge
Pages: 121 - 134

Polycarboxylate-based advanced superplasticizers for high performance concrete
Author(s): Y. Tanaka, A. Ohta, T. Sugiyama
Pages: 135 - 142

Role of lignosulfonates in high performance concrete
Author(s): J. Zhor, T.W. Bremner
Pages: 143 - 165

Chapter 3: Corrosion protection

Effectiveness and harmlessness of calcium nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor
Author(s): P. Schießl, J. Moersch
Pages: 169 - 182

Corrosion inhibitors for high performance reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): M. Mulheron, S.O. Nwaubani
Pages: 183 - 198

Calcium nitrate - A multifunctional admixture for high performance concrete
Author(s): H. Justnes, E.C. Nygaard
Pages: 199 - 212

The influence of binder type on the properties and corrosion resistance of high performance concrete
Author(s): S.O. Nwaubani, M. Mulheron
Pages: 213 - 225

Control effect on alkali-aggregate reaction by mixing classified fly ash and impregnating LiNO2 solution
Author(s): T. Yamamoto, T. Kanazu
Pages: 226 - 241

Chapter 4: Frost resistance

Keynote paper - Use of admixtures to produce concrete that will be immune to the effects of freezing and thawing
Author(s): B. Mather
Pages: 245 - 254

Impact of chemical admixtures on air entrainment of high-performance concrete
Author(s): K. Obla, R. Hill, S.L. Sarkar
Pages: 255 - 270

Factors influencing frost resistance of condensed silica fume modified mortars
Author(s): J. Szwabowski, J. Golaszewski
Pages: 271 - 281

Chapter 5: Abrasion

Abrasion resistance of concrete with admixtures
Author(s): R. Rivera-Villarreal, R. Gonzalez-Rios, R. Saenz-Michel
Pages: 285 - 299

Influence of carboxylic ether superplasticizers on the abrasion resistance of high strength concrete
Author(s): I. Ramalho de Almeida, A. Freitas Gonçalves, M. Vieira
Pages: 300 - 315

Efflorescence problem in superplasticized concretes
Author(s): M.S. Akman, Z. Çavdar
Pages: 316 - 329

Chapter 6: Rheology

Measurement of the rheological properties of cement paste: A new approach
Author(s): C.F. Ferraris
Pages: 333 - 342

Effect of superplasticizer content and temperature on the fluidity and setting of the cement pastes
Author(s): J. Roncero, R. Gettu, E. Vázquez, J.M. Torrents
Pages: 343 - 356

The rheological behaviour of cementitious materials with chemically different superplasticizers
Author(s): U. Maeder, W. Kusterle, G. Grass
Pages: 357 - 376

Basic properties and effects of starch on self-levelling concrete
Author(s): J. Ambroise, M. Chabannet, S. Rols, J. Pera
Pages: 377 - 386

Influence of superplasticizer adsorption on the rheology of cement paste
Author(s): Y.F. Houst, R.J. Flatt, P. Bowen, H. Hoffman, U. Mäder, J. Widmer, U. Sulser, T.A. Bürge
Pages: 387 - 402

Effects of set retarders and superplasticizers on the long term slump retardation
Author(s): T. Takeushi, S. Nagataki
Pages: 403 - 418

Chapter 7: Engineering properties

Keynote paper - Innovative applications of superplasticizers in concrete -- A review
Author(s): V.M. Malhotra
Pages: 421 - 460

Superplasticizers to improve mechanical properties of concrete for repair
Author(s): A.A. Ramezanianpour
Pages: 461 - 470

The improvement of the properties of concrete containing PFA, Microsilica enhanced by using two-stage mixing technique
Author(s): H.K. Al Nageim, R. Lewis
Pages: 471 - 481

Effect of superplasticizers on some properties of fresh and hardened concrete mixes
Author(s): H. Baum, M. Ben-Bassat
Pages: 482 - 492

Cracking resistance of plasticized fly ash concrete
Author(s): J.J. Brooks, X. Jiang
Pages: 493 - 506