Proceedings pro006 : International RILEM Conference on High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites (HPFRCC 3) Mainz, Germany (1999)

Title: International RILEM Conference on High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites (HPFRCC 3)
Mainz, Germany (1999)
Edited by H. W. Reinhardt and A. E. Naaman
ISBN: 2-912143-06-3
e-ISBN: 2351580222
Pages: 686
Publication date: 1999

The main mechanisms of strengthening and toughening cementitious materials due to fiber addition are now generally understood. However, there is still enormous work ahead in terms of tailoring a composite for a given level of performance, especially when performance is specified not only in terms of mechanical properties, but also in terms of rheology, fresh properties, workability, production method, durability and the like.
High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites (HPFRCC) represent a class of cement composites whose stress-strain response in tension undergoes strain hardening behaviour accompanied by multiple cracking, and leading to a high strain capacity at failure. The primary objective of this International Workshop was to provide a compendium of up-to-date information on the most recent developments and research advances in the field of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites. More than fifty contributions from leading world experts are assembled in these proceedings and provide an
authoritative perspective of the subject.


Author(s): H.W. Reinhardt, A.E. Naaman
Pages: XV - XVI

Author(s): H.W. Reinhardt, A.E. Naaman

Author(s): H.W. Reinhardt, A.E. Naaman
Pages: XIX - XIX

Part one - New concepts, new materials

Setting the stage
Author(s): H.W. Reinhardt, A.E. Naaman
Pages: 1 - 5

Properties of self-levelling concrete reinforced by steel fibres
Author(s): J. Ambroise, S. Rols, J. Pera
Pages: 9 - 17

Advanced strength fiber composites
Author(s): P. Balaguru, J.A. Hammell, R. Lyon
Pages: 19 - 30

Cementitious composites reinforced with textile fabrics
Author(s): A. Bentur, A. Peled
Pages: 31 - 40

Phosphate bonding cements and their applications
Author(s): N.S. Goringe, I.A. Maxwell
Pages: 41 - 51

Short-fibre reinforced reactive powder concrete
Author(s): B.L. Karihaloo, K.M.B. de Vriese
Pages: 53 - 63

Optimum design of high performance fibre-reinforced cement composites
Author(s): D. Lange-Kornbak, B.L. Karihaloo
Pages: 65 - 74

Self-prestressed fiber reinforced cement composites
Author(s): A.E. Naaman, N. Krstulovic-Opara
Pages: 75 - 90

Formulation of design criteria for HPFRCC
Author(s): H. Nakamura, H. Mihashi
Pages: 91 - 100

A new generation of UHP concrete: Ductal® damage resistance and micromechanical analysis
Author(s): G. Orange, P. Acker, C. Vernet
Pages: 101 - 111

Scope of high performance fiber reinforced cement composites
Author(s): S.P. Shah, A. Peled, C.M. Aldea, Y. Akkaya
Pages: 113 - 129

Impact of packing phenomena on the extent of the ITZ in plain and fibre concrete
Author(s): P. Stroeven, M. Stroeven
Pages: 131 - 142

Sandwich panels in construction with HPFRCC-faces: New possibilities and adequate modelling
Author(s): J. Wastiels
Pages: 143 - 151

Active fiber composites
Author(s): S. Wu
Pages: 153 - 157

Part two - Workability, fresh state

Fiber reinforced shotcrete: Issues, challenges and opportunities
Author(s): N. Banthia
Pages: 161 - 170

Development and testing of self-compacting grout for the production of SIFCON
Author(s): P.J.M. Bartos, D.L. Marrs
Pages: 171 - 179

Interaction and packing of fibres: Effects on the mixing process
Author(s): C.W. Hoy, P.J.M. Bartos
Pages: 181 - 191

Viscosity and fracture toughness of fiber-reinforced cement slurries at elevated temperatures
Author(s): C. Meyer, Y. Wang
Pages: 193 - 202

Extrusion of ECC-material
Author(s): H. Stang, V.C. Li
Pages: 203 - 211

Quantification of variations in the steel fibre content of fresh and hardened concrete
Author(s): L. Taerwe, G. de Schutter, A. van Gysel, V. Vyncke, S. Schaerlaekens
Pages: 213 - 222

Part three - Loading and fracture

High performance user-friendly fiber reinforced composite under cyclic loading
Author(s): P. Balaguru, H.S. Franklin
Pages: 225 - 238

Behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete cracked section under sustained load
Author(s): G. Chanvillard, O. Roque
Pages: 239 - 250

Modelling the increase of ductility of HPC under compressive forces - A fracture mechanics aproach
Author(s): G. König, L. Kützing
Pages: 251 - 259

Fracture toughness of fiber-reinforced glass concrete
Author(s): C. Meyer, T.M. Monawar
Pages: 261 - 269

Some parametric investigations of the tensile behavior of slurry infiltrated mat concrete (SIMCON)
Author(s): A.F. Oluokun, S.A.J. Malak
Pages: 271 - 297

Constitutive model for prediction of flexural fatigue life and performance characteristics of polyolefin fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): V. Ramakrishnan, C. Sivakumar
Pages: 299 - 320

Fatigue strength of steel fibrous concrete in flexure
Author(s): S.P. Singh, S.K. Kaushik
Pages: 321 - 330

Influence of tensile strength of steel fibre on toughness of high strength concrete
Author(s): L. Vandewalle
Pages: 331 - 337

Part four - Bond behaviour, modelling

Spring network model of fiber-reinforced cement composites
Author(s): J.E. Bolander Jr.
Pages: 341 - 350

A pullout model for hooked end steel fibres
Author(s): A. van Gysel
Pages: 351 - 359

Interaction between steel reinforcement and engineered cementitious composites
Author(s): V.C. Li, G. Fischer
Pages: 361 - 369

Fibers with slip-hardening bond
Author(s): A.E. Naaman
Pages: 371 - 385

A finite element study of the influence of micro-fibres on the tensile strength of cement pastes
Author(s): P. Pierre, R. Pleau, M. Pigeon
Pages: 387 - 397

Bond and splitting in high performance concrete
Author(s): G. Rosati, S. Cattaneo
Pages: 399 - 411

Steel fibre reinforcement at boundaries in concrete elements
Author(s): P. Stroeven
Pages: 413 - 422

Debonding behaviour of steel fibres with hooked ends
Author(s): B. Weiler, C. Grosse, H.W. Reinhardt
Pages: 423 - 433

Part five - Physical properties, testing, chemical attack

On tension and fracture in thermally-damaged high-performance concrete: VHSC versur HSC
Author(s): R. Felicetti, P.G. Gambarova, M.P. Natali Sora, F. Corsi, G. Giannuzzi
Pages: 437 - 448

Experimental sensitivity analysis of scatter in post cracking behaviour of SFRC
Author(s): A.G. Kooiman, J.C. Walraven
Pages: 449 - 457

Effect of humic acid on flexural behavior of carbon fiber-reinforced cement pastes
Author(s): Y. Ohama, K. Demura, K. Sumi
Pages: 459 - 466

Electrical properties of carbon fiber reinforced concrete
Author(s): F. Reza, G.B. Batson, J.A. Yamamuro, J.S. Lee
Pages: 467 - 476

Assessment of micromechanical properties of cementitious composites by microindentation
Author(s): P. Trtik, P.J.M. Bartos
Pages: 477 - 486

Acoustic emission investigations of the damage zone in steel fibre reinforced beams
Author(s): B. Weiler, C. Grosse, H.W. Reinhardt
Pages: 487 - 496

Part six - Structural elements

Flexural behaviour of RC and PC beams with steel fibers
Author(s): G. Balazs, I. Kovacs, L. Erdelyi
Pages: 499 - 508

The flexural behaviour of over-reinforced high strength concrete beams containing fibers
Author(s): G. Campione, S. Mindess
Pages: 509 - 518

Fibers as shear reinforcement for high strength reinforced concrete beams containing stirrups
Author(s): G. Campione, S. Mindess
Pages: 519 - 529

Structural performance of beam elements with PVA-ECC
Author(s): H. Fukuyama, Y. Matsuzaki, K. Nakano, Y. Sato
Pages: 531 - 541

Behaviour of fiber reinforced concrete slabs under static and impact loading
Author(s): P. Paramasivam, K.C.G. Ong, M. Basheerkhan
Pages: 543 - 552

A comparative study of sisal fiber reinforced concrete flexural members
Author(s): M.R. Ramey, J.P.M. Mwangi
Pages: 553 - 563

Study on the anti-exploding characteristics of fiber reinforced cement based composite
Author(s): W. Sun, G. Pan, H. Yan, C. Qi, H. Chen
Pages: 565 - 574

Steel fibres to resist punching shear an engineering model to enhance durable service life
Author(s): D.D. Theodorakopoulos, R.N. Swamy
Pages: 575 - 582

Part seven - Applications, repair

High performance fibre concrete SIFCON for repairing environmental structures
Author(s): R. Breitenbücher
Pages: 585 - 594

Pile supported reinforced or prestressed SFRC ground slabs
Author(s): H. Falkner, U. Gossla
Pages: 595 - 602

DUCON, a durable overlay
Author(s): S. Hauser, J.D. Wörner
Pages: 603 - 615

Performance of engineered cementitious composites in repair and retrofit: Analytical estimates
Author(s): P. Kabele, S. Takeuchi, K. Inaba, H. Horii
Pages: 617 - 627

Use of SIMCON in seismic retrofit and new construction
Author(s): N. Krstulovic-Opara
Pages: 629 - 649

High performance concrete applications in precast and prestressed concrete bridge slabs
Author(s): G. Rosati
Pages: 651 - 660