Materials and Structures 6 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 1 , N° 6
Année: 1968


The thermodynamics of volume change and creep from sorption
Author(s): T.C. Powers
Pages: 483 - 507

A model for hydrated portland cement paste as deduced form soprtion-length change and mechanical properties
Author(s): R.F. Feldman, P.J. Sereda
Pages: 509 - 520

Some results of the effect of carbonation on the porosity and pore size distribution of cement paste
Author(s): S.E. Pihlajavaara
Pages: 521 - 527

The viscosity of thin water between two quartz glass plates
Author(s): G. Peschel
Pages: 529 - 534

Water in hardened cement paste
Author(s): G. Englert, F. Wittmann
Pages: 535 - 546

Surface tension, shrinkage and strength of hardened cement paste
Author(s): F. Wittmann
Pages: 547 - 552

Influence of water in areas of restricted adsorption on properties of concrete
Author(s): R.H. Mills
Pages: 553 - 559

Striking apparatus. - A device used for smoothing the top mortar surface in the moulding of strength specimens in accordance with the RILEM-CEMBUREAU method
Author(s): N. Aschan
Pages: 561 - 570