Proceedings pro008 : International RILEM Symposium on Timber Engineering

Title: International RILEM Symposium on Timber Engineering
Edited by L. Boström
ISBN: 2-912143-10-1
e-ISBN: 2351580230
Pages: 860
Publication date: 1999

The aim of this RILEM symposium was to present the latest research results in the field of timber engineering, ranging from basic research of wood mechanics to preservation of old buildings and the cultural heritage.
Wood is a renewable resource that can be supplied on a sustainable basis and is formed under singularly ecological conditions.
At the same time forests provide a number of unique and varied benefits that include protection of our climate, water and soil and a great range of recreational functions enjoyed by the general public.
Wood can be produced without adverse effects on the environment and can be worked, put to a great number of uses and disposed of with little energy. Wood fulfils all the technical demands made on a modem building material.
Hence, the forest products industries, in active co-operation with architects and engineers are called upon to make use of thefull potential of wood and to advance its use in construction. The ecological advantages of wood as a building material will contribute a great deal towards improving the future of one and all.


Author(s): L. Boström
Pages: XIX - XIX

Keynote Lectures

The great potential of wood as a building material for the next century
Author(s): P. Glos
Pages: 3 - 12

Timber as a structural material in competitive building systems
Author(s): S. Thelandersson
Pages: 13 - 22

Session 1: Design and reliability

Reliability of timber structures under long term loads
Author(s): S. Svensson, S. Thelandersson, H.J. Larsen
Pages: 25 - 34

System reliability of timber trusses
Author(s): M. Hansson, S. Thelandersson
Pages: 35 - 44

Artificial Neural Network for design of 3D glulam three-hinged arches
Author(s): Z. Zagar
Pages: 45 - 52

Virtual design for innovation
Author(s): R.G. Alvarado, J.C.P. Márquez, G.V. Vildósola
Pages: 53 - 59

A hybrid deterministic and stochastic approach to inelastic modeling and analysis of light-frame buildings
Author(s): B. Kasal, M. Collins, G.C. Foliente, P. Paevere
Pages: 61 - 70

Towards a systematic approach in the learning of timber
Author(s): R.M. Nevado
Pages: 71 - 75

Session 2: Mechanical connections

Effectiveness of bolt in multiple connections
Author(s): N. Gattesco, A. Signorato
Pages: 79 - 88

Factors affecting the anchorage capacity of punched nail plates in Nordic spruce timber
Author(s): R. Anneling, H. Duwe
Pages: 89 - 98

Doweled timber connections with high effiency
Author(s): A. Mischler
Pages: 99 - 108

Advanced modelling of trusses with punched metal plate fasteners
Author(s): P. Ellegaard, J. Nielsen
Pages: 109 - 118

Analog model of metal plated wood truss heel joint and force comparison of analog truss model implementeing heel joint model
Author(s): C. Brill-Edwards, J.B. Kim
Pages: 119 - 128

Moment capacity of timber reinforced with punched metal plate fasteners
Author(s): J. Nielsen, P. Ellegaard
Pages: 129 - 137

Session 3: Fracture mechanics

Fracture mechanics in timber engineering - Some methods and applications
Author(s): J. Gustafsson, E. Serrano
Pages: 141 - 150

Analyses of fracture criteria using image correlation method
Author(s): M. Masuda, A. Iwabuchi, K. Murata
Pages: 151 - 160

Fracture of solid wood and glulam in tension perpendicular to the grain monitored by accoustic emission
Author(s): G. Dill-Langer, L. Höfflin, S. Aicher
Pages: 161 - 170

Roughness of wood fractured surfaces and fracture toughness
Author(s): S. Morel, G. Valentin
Pages: 171 - 180

Micromechanics of knot's inlufenre on tensile strength of japanese cedar
Author(s): H. Mihashi, N. Itagaki, S. Ninomiya, P. Navi, H. Sunderland
Pages: 181 - 190

Session 4: Bridges

Optimization of cable-stayed timber footbridges
Author(s): J. Negrăo
Pages: 193 - 202

Laboratory load testing and modeling of timber trestle railroad bridges
Author(s): R. Gutkowski, K. Doyle, M. Peterson, A. Tran
Pages: 203 - 212

Field load testing of open-deck timber trestle railroad bridges
Author(s): R.M. Gutkowski, G.C. Robinson, M.L. Peterson, A.V. Tran
Pages: 213 - 222

Field tests and analysis of p-type rigid frame timber highway bridge
Author(s): T. Sasaki, H. Honda, S. Usuki
Pages: 223 - 232

Session 5: Composite structures - 1

Local reinforcement of structural element by composite material
Author(s): J.-L. Coureau, H. Niandou, P. Morlier
Pages: 235 - 244

Stud shear connectors in wood-concrete composite beams
Author(s): P. Gelfi, E. Giuriani
Pages: 245 - 254

Wood-concrete composite structures joined by special type dowels
Author(s): S. Takac, S. Plazibat-Loncaric, P. Bogicevic
Pages: 255 - 262

Laboratory tests of composite wood-concrete beam and deck specimens
Author(s): R. Gutkowski, W. Thompson, K. Brown, P. Etournaud, S. Shigidi
Pages: 263 - 272

Session 6: Non-destructive evaluation

Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of the stiffness and strength of in-situ timber structural members
Author(s): R.J. Renn, J.B. Kim, W. Latchford
Pages: 275 - 284

Non-destructive vibration tests on timber truss elements
Author(s): R. Gori, C. Paggiarin
Pages: 285 - 294

Non-destructive diagnosis for japanese traditional timber buildings
Author(s): A. Uchida, N. Kawai, H. Maekawa
Pages: 295 - 304

Analysis of timber structures by means of ultrasonic technicals - Last advances
Author(s): C.R. Lińan, P.R. de Hita, J.C.G. de Cózar
Pages: 305 - 314

Session 7: Creep and deformation

Mechano-sorptive creep of wood in tension and compression
Author(s): C. Bengtsson
Pages: 317 - 326

3D creep modelling of LVL coupled to heat and moisture properties
Author(s): B. Lasserre, P. Galimard
Pages: 327 - 336

Glulam beams in cyclic humidity conditions
Author(s): J. Srpcic, S. Srpcic
Pages: 337 - 346

Dielectric relaxation based on adsorbed water in wood cell wall under non-equilibrium state within high relative humidity region
Author(s): G. Zhao, J. Cao
Pages: 347 - 356

Factors affecting the twisting and warping of plywood
Author(s): S. Koponen, A. Huovinen, T. Toratti
Pages: 357 - 366

Session 8: Glued joints

Load displacement and bond strength of glued-in rods in timber influenced by adhesive, wood density, rod slenderness and diameter
Author(s): S. Aicher, M. Wolf, P.J. Gustafsson
Pages: 369 - 378

Strength and fire resistance of connections based on glued-in rods
Author(s): J. Kangas, T. Oksanen
Pages: 379 - 388

Glued timber-steelplate joints
Author(s): M. Kemmsies, R. Streicher
Pages: 389 - 398

Comparison of bond lines in glulam beams adhered with a phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde (PRF) and one-component polyurethane (PUR) after fire exposure
Author(s): M. Kemmsies
Pages: 399 - 408

Session 9: Multi storey buildings

Design of large-scale wooden facades
Author(s): J. Heikkilä
Pages: 411 - 419

Serviceability of a wooden floor - the dual beam concept
Author(s): T. Toratti
Pages: 421 - 430

Project description: Massive timber components
Author(s): D. Engström, S. Samuelsson
Pages: 431 - 438

Experimental construction of two and three storey wooden housing
Author(s): A. Ino, I. Shimbo
Pages: 439 - 447

Study of the timber constructive systems that are more commercialized in Brazil
Author(s): R.M. Bittencourt, A. Ino
Pages: 449 - 458

Session 10: Dynamic performance

Effects of partition walls on vibration performance of engineered wood floors
Author(s): L.J. Hu, Y. Tardif
Pages: 461 - 470

Cyclic load testing of light framed timber shear walls
Author(s): T.D. Skaggs, J.D. Rose
Pages: 471 - 480

Static and dynamic performance of wood-framed shear walls
Author(s): M. Yasumura
Pages: 481 - 490

Evaluation of floor impact sound insulating performance of a three-story experimental house
Author(s): S. Sueyoshi, T. Morikawa
Pages: 491 - 500

Performance of metal-plate-connected wood truss heel joints under wind and impact loads
Author(s): M. Redlinger, R. Gupta, T. Miller
Pages: 501 - 510

Session 11: Timber grading

State-of-the-art on machine strength grading
Author(s): L. Boström, C. Holmqvist
Pages: 513 - 522

Assignment of nordic glulam to the European strength class system
Author(s): L. Boström, P. Hoffmeyer, K.-H. Solli
Pages: 523 - 532

Control and calibration of timber strength grading machines
Author(s): C. Holmqvist, G. Gaede, P. Joyet, L. Böstrom
Pages: 533 - 542

Prediction equations for MOR/MOE relationship in tropical harwoods
Author(s): S.A. Kandeel, A. Abohassan, I. Kerallah
Pages: 543 - 548

Computer simulations of varying growth characteristics on stiffness grading properties of structural timber
Author(s): S. Ormarsson, O. Dahlblom, H. Petersson
Pages: 549 - 559

Session 12: Composite structures - 2

Experimental behaviour and design of composite wood floors
Author(s): J.F. Jullien, G. Michel, M.S. Mungwa, M. Siemers
Pages: 563 - 570

Behavior of composite timber-concrete beams
Author(s): E.V. Mantilla Carrasco, S.V. Oliveira
Pages: 571 - 580

Experimental and numerical study on creep of FRP reinforced glulam beams
Author(s): W.G. Davids, H.J. Dagher, J.M. Breton
Pages: 581 - 590

FRP-reinforced wood in bridge applications
Author(s): H.J. Dagher, R.F. Lindyberg
Pages: 591 - 598

Session 13: Effects of load duration

Duration of load bahavior of LVL: Effect of constant relative humidity
Author(s): R.C. Tang, J.N. Lee, J. Kaiserlik
Pages: 601 - 610

Duration of loads effect on strength characteristics of timber
Author(s): M. Darie, R. Vacareanu, L. Pana
Pages: 611 - 618

Impact loading of timber beams
Author(s): B. Jansson
Pages: 619 - 628

Depth effect on glulam beams under medium term loading
Author(s): O. Carling
Pages: 629 - 635

Session 14: Test methods

Measurement of modulus of elasticity in bending of structural timber
Author(s): B. Källsner, S. Ormarsson
Pages: 639 - 648

Mathematical modelling as a tool for test method design
Author(s): R. Ziethén
Pages: 649 - 658

A proposed specimen for shear parallel to grain tests
Author(s): A.B. Santos Neto, C.A. Szücs, H.L. La Rovere, S.Z. Grohmann
Pages: 659 - 668

Determination of the shear modulus of wood based panels
Author(s): F. Schot
Pages: 669 - 678

Session 15: History and heritage

Diagnose on the conservation state of several timber structures in the genoese area
Author(s): F. Goffi, F. Giannico
Pages: 681 - 690

Application of the traditional techniques to the structural design of wooden architecture
Author(s): Y. Kataoka, K. Simizu
Pages: 691 - 700

Guidelines for the analyses connected with the use of non-destructive tests on historic timber structures
Author(s): C. Bertolini Cestari, S. Cravero, S. Curtetti
Pages: 701 - 710

Complex protection of wood construction of historical and cultural monuments
Author(s): E.N. Pokrovskaya
Pages: 711 - 713

Session 16: Composite structures - 3

Use of technical textiles and densified wood for timber joints
Author(s): P. Haller, J. Wehsener
Pages: 717 - 726

Glulam structural connections under combined efforts
Author(s): E.V. Mantilla Carrasco, C.F. Bremer
Pages: 727 - 736

Investigation of prestressed multilayer beams
Author(s): R. Cechavicius, A. Kvedaras, B. Valiunas
Pages: 737 - 746

A linear finite element model to study creep and shrinkage effects in a timber-concrete composite beam with deformable connections
Author(s): C. Amadio, R. Di Marco, M. Fragiacomo
Pages: 747 - 756

Poster presentations

Evaluation of effective stiffness of spaced timber columns
Author(s): R. de C. Alvim, P.A. de O Almeida
Pages: 759 - 768

Nailed timber-particleboard joints
Author(s): C.Y. Adam, J.A. Taylor
Pages: 769 - 775

Fire safety performance of wood-stud walls - The effect of glass fiber insulation
Author(s): H. Takeda
Pages: 777 - 786

The structural alternative for MDF (Medium Density Fiber)
Author(s): C. Ceraldi, L.E. Ferrocchio, E. Nappi, R. Ermolli
Pages: 787 - 796

Use of non-destructive tests in the evaluation of wood/fibreglass reinforced plastic bond in consolidation interventions on wooden structures
Author(s): M. Mattone
Pages: 797 - 802

Evaluation of the wood elastic moduli using confined test
Author(s): N.T. Mascia, S.M. Cramer
Pages: 803 - 811

Evaluation of eucalyptus' mechanical properties by ultrasound
Author(s): E.V. Mantilla Carrasco, S.V. Oliveira
Pages: 813 - 821

Effects of moisture content in Japanese cedar wood on stress and ultrasonic waves properties during desorption from a water-saturated condition
Author(s): S.-Y. Wang, S.-T. Chuang
Pages: 823 - 831