Proceedings pro010 : 3rd International RILEM Symposium on Durability of Building and Construction Sealants Seneffe, Belgium (2000)

Title: 3rd International RILEM Symposium on Durability of Building and Construction Sealants
Seneffe, Belgium (2000)
Edited by A. T. Wolf
ISBN: 2-912143-13-6
e-ISBN: 2351580257
Pages: 360
Publication date: 2000

All building and construction sealants, once installed, are exposed to environmental and service degradation factors which affect their performance over time and ultimately cause them to fail. Replacing failed sealant joints is time consuming and can be expensive, representing a substantial proportion of overall maintenance costs. A thorough understanding of the parameters that affect the durability of sealants is critical for predicting their service life and the associated life cycle costs. In order to address the issue of building sealant durability, the RILEM Technical Committee 139-DBS was inaugurated in 1991.
This volume contains the proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Durability of Building and Construction Sealants which was organised by TC139-DBS and held on February 2-3, 2000, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The papers presented at the symposium represent state-of-the-art research into sealant durability. Topics covered include research on sealed joint performance; sealant durability studies; mechanistic and analytical studies; development of new test methods; performance based specification development; and innovative approaches in improving sealed joint durability.
This book will be of particular interest to senior construction and maintenance engineers, specifiers and architects, development and technical service personnel at sealant manufacturers, as well as researchers at universities and national test and certification institutes.


Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: XIII - XV

Members of RILEM Technical commitee 139-DBS, Steering Committee, Organising Committee, Peer Reviewers
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: XVII - XX

Author(s): A.T. Wolf

Field inspection results and effects of joint design on the durability of one-part PU- and PU- Hybrid building sealants
Author(s): U.O. Onuoha
Pages: 1 - 18

Comparison of complex shear modulus of bituminous sealants and the change in their chemical composition after ageing
Author(s): K. Oba, S. Hean, M.N. Partl
Pages: 19 - 29

Method for the assessment of the on-site performance of the building sealants
Author(s): M.Y.L. Chew, K.J. Wee, Y.M. Tay, C.H. Loh
Pages: 31 - 43

Improving the service life of sealed cladding joints through a total quality management approach
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Pages: 45 - 59

Damage to silicone glazing sealants by abrasion
Author(s): S. Springael, S. Chao
Pages: 61 - 69

Assessing the longevity of residential duct sealants
Author(s): I. Walker, M. Sherman
Pages: 71 - 86

Effect of cross-sectional size and shape on the fatigue resistance of sealed joints to shear movement
Author(s): K. Tanaka, H. Miyauchi
Pages: 87 - 96

Fatigue resistance of structural glazing silicone sealants
Author(s): S. Sugiyama
Pages: 97 - 111

Creep resistance of structural glazing silicone sealants
Author(s): S. Sugiyama
Pages: 113 - 123

Studies into the long-term durability of elastomeric building sealants - Final report (Dumbbell specimens)
Author(s): T. Boettger, H. Bolte
Pages: 125 - 149

Preliminary report on the ageing behaviour of sealants exposed to dynamic natural and artificial weathering
Author(s): H. Bolte, T. Boettger
Pages: 151 - 172

Comparative study of sealants durability - Surface changes
Author(s): G. Wypych, F. Lee, B. Pourdeyhimi
Pages: 173 - 197

Response of silicone sealant to simulated vehicular and environmental loading
Author(s): R.E. Khuri, I.L. Al-Qadi
Pages: 199 - 210

Effect of movement waveforms on the experimental performance of newly sealed joints
Author(s): T.G.B. Joints, A.R. Hutchinson
Pages: 211 - 227

Long term weathering performance of thermoplastic vulcanizates
Author(s): P.D. Agrawal, S.C. Hargest, J. Kautt, H. Tominaga
Pages: 229 - 241

FTIR spectroscopic investigation of the outdoor degradation of polysulfide sealants
Author(s): P. Vandereecken, A.T. Wolf, H. Bolte, T. Boettger
Pages: 243 - 258

A review of adhesion mechanisms at the crack sealant/asphalt concrete interface
Author(s): J.-F. Masson, M.A. Lacasse
Pages: 259 - 274

New shear fatigue test method for building sealants and some tests of sealant beads with various shapes
Author(s): H. Miyauchi, K. Tanaka
Pages: 275 - 285

A new method of evaluating the interfacial adhesion of a sealant using a micro-blade cutting system
Author(s): H. Nakauti, T. Takizawa, S. Saito, T. Ono
Pages: 287 - 296

Proposed test procedures incorporating dynamic cure
Author(s): T.C.P. Lee, T.G.B. Jones, A.R. Hutchinson
Pages: 297 - 313

Bitumous sealants for pavement joints and cracks: Building the basis for a performance-based specification
Author(s): J.-F. Masson
Pages: 315 - 328

Improvements in the adhesion of a sealant to a panel with a high-durability coating by corona discharge treatment
Author(s): T. Takizawa, S. Saito, H. Nakauti, T. Ono
Pages: 329 - 335

Novel technology for more durable adhesion of structural sealants, self-adhesive tapes and adhesives
Author(s): W.S. Gutowski, D.Y. Wu, S. Li, A.P. Cerra, S. Petinakis, L. Russel, C. Filippou
Pages: 337 - 359