Materials and Structures 56 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 10 , N° 56
Année: 1977


Consolidation et protection des pierres au moyen de produits minéraux et de résines synthétiques
Author(s): G.G. Amoroso
Pages: 91 - 97

Testing methods for joints with mechanical fasteners in load-bearing timber structures
Author(s): RILEM TC 3-TT
Pages: 99 - 101

19-FRC Committee-Fibre concrete materials
Author(s): RILEM TC 19-FRC
Pages: 103 - 120

Microstructure of cement hydrates containing calcium lignosulfonate admixture
Author(s): S.M. Khalil, M.A. Ward
Pages: 67 - 72

Essai de traction directe sur des pâtes pures de ciment durcies
Author(s): J.L. Granju
Pages: 73 - 78

Role of differential shrinkage and creep in time dependent behaviour of composite members
Author(s): V. Jagannadha Rao, T. Venkateswarlu
Pages: 79 - 84

Use of bonding techniques for reinforcing concrete and masonry structures
Author(s): R. L'Hermite
Pages: 85 - 89