Materials and Structures 122 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 21 , N° 122
Année: 1988


Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 81 - 82

Topic 1. The influence of processing on the microstructure of materials
Author(s): J.M. Haynes
Pages: 83 - 84

Topic 2. Designing and producing materials by combination
Author(s): U. Meier
Pages: 85 - 89

Topic 3. Prediction and control of the effect of time and environment on the reliability of materials
Author(s): S.C. Saunders
Pages: 90 - 95

Matériaux fortement hétérogènes: effets d'échelle et lois de comportement
Author(s): E. Guyon
Pages: 97 - 105

Physical methods for the identification of microstructures
Author(s): P.L. Pratt
Pages: 106 - 117

De la science au génie des matériaux: le cas de la fibre de fonte et des bétons armés de fibres
Author(s): H. Tavernier
Pages: 118 - 123

Topic 1. Structure of materials and control of porosity: influence of processes on the microstructure of materials
Author(s): J.M. Haynes
Pages: 125 - 126

Topic 2. Combining materials: design, production and properties
Author(s): A.M. Brandt
Pages: 127 - 130

Topic 3. Action of time and environment: durability of construction materials
Author(s): P. Eurin
Pages: 131 - 136

Panel session 1. Training of engineers towarts better knowledge of constrution materials
Author(s): G.S. Holister, A. Colson
Pages: 137 - 138

Panel session 2. Aids to research and engineering techniques: modelling, computer science, data banks and expert systems
Author(s): B.A. Schrefler, M. Fremont
Pages: 139 - 142

Panel session 3. Design and manufacture of materials with predetermined properties: formulation of functional requirements
Author(s): J. Hanus
Pages: 143 - 144

Fracture touhghness of cement based materials
Author(s): S.P. Shah
Pages: 145 - 150

Recovery method with rotary evaporator of the soluble binder from bituminous mixes: interlaboratory test comparisons and test procedure recommendations
Author(s): J. Huet, RILEM TC 56-MHM
Pages: 151 - 160