Materials and Structures 123 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 21 , N° 123
Année: 1988


Author(s): M. Fickelson
Pages: 161 - 162

Shrinkage of steel fibre reinforced cement composites
Author(s): P.S. Mangat, M. Motamedi Azari
Pages: 163 - 171

Eight year deformation tests on reinforced concrete
Author(s): K. Christiansen
Pages: 172 - 178

The bond stress between a reinforcement bar and concrete: is it theoretically predictable?
Author(s): L. Vandedewalle, F. Mortelmans
Pages: 179 - 181

Application d'une méthode d'usure par abrasion à la détermination du comportement méchanique l'auréole de transition d'un béton soumis à des chargements cycliques
Author(s): G. Pons, J.C. Maso, J. Chouicha
Pages: 182 - 191

Influence of curing at different relative humidities upon compound reactions and porosity of Portland cement paste
Author(s): R.G. Patel, D.C. Killoh, L.J. Parrott, W.A. Gutteridge
Pages: 192 - 197

Model for an engineering approach to the design of concrete structures in chemically aggressive environments
Author(s): D. Bjegovic, V. Ukraincik
Pages: 198 - 204

The effect of curing period and curing delay on concrete in hot weather
Author(s): S.H. Al-Ani, M.A.K. Al-Zaiwary
Pages: 205 - 212

Improving the moisture resistance of adobe strutures
Author(s): E.A. Heredia Zavoni, J.J. Bariola Bernales, J.V. Neumann, P.K. Mehta
Pages: 213 - 221

Effect of rice husk ash on the properties of bricks made from fired lateritic soil-clay mix
Author(s): M.A. Rahman
Pages: 222 - 227

General recommendations for methods of testing load-bearing masonry
Author(s): RILEM TC 76-LUM
Pages: 227 - 231

RILEM Bulletin
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 238 - 240