Proceedings pro018 : International Workshop MESINA on Measurement and Interpretation of the On-Site Corrosion Rate

Title: International Workshop MESINA on Measurement and Interpretation of the On-Site Corrosion Rate
Edited by C. Andrade, C. Alonso, J. Fullea, J. Polimon and J. Rodriguez
ISBN: 2-912143-21-7
e-ISBN: 235158032X
Pages: 238
Publication date: 1999

The main objective of the workshop was to analyse and discuss the present understanding of the results of corrosion rate values obtained in real size structures. The available data of on-site results is still very scarce in spite of the recognition, everywhere, of the importance of accounting the corrosion process. Much more exchange of experiences is needed to reach such a level of knowledge, which could aim at the establishment of precise rules for measuring and interpreting the results of on-site surveys.
The workshop was divided into two general topics: operational aspects of the corrosion rate measurements and the application of the corrosion values for studying the structural performance and evaluating the efficiency of repair methods.
A final practical session was organised, its participants being distributed in three rotating groups for a better efficiency in the discussions. At this practical session were also invited members of the Monitoring Group WG-B of the European COST 521 Action.
The papers were distributed among the participants at the beginning of the workshop. Later on, they were reviewed and improved in order to be collected in the present volume.
The Workshop was jointly organised by the Institute of Construction Sciences "Eduardo Torroja" (IETcc) of the CSIC of Spain and Geotecnia y Cimientos, S.A. (GEOCISA).


Author(s): C. Andrade, C. Alonso, J. Fullea, J. Polimon, J. Rodriguez
Pages: IX - IX

Corrosion rate and structural performance
Author(s): J. Rodriguez, L.M. Ortega, J. Aragoncillo
Pages: 191 - 213

Session one: Operational aspects in the on-site corrosion rate - Measurements and interpretation of results

Corrosion rate measurement of viaducts structures reinforcement: autostrade experience
Author(s): A. Mercalli, G. Peroni
Pages: 3 - 13

Reliability of corrosion rate measurements by linear polarization
Author(s): E. Vesikari
Pages: 15 - 31

Venezuelan experiences on polarization resistance to evaluate reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): O.T. de Rincón, M.F. de Romero, M. Sánchez, D. Contreras, O. Pérez, J. Bravo
Pages: 33 - 49

Service life of concrete structures including the propagation time
Author(s): K. Pettersson
Pages: 51 - 66

Corrosion measurements of carbonated and chloride-contaminated reinforced concrete components
Author(s): G. Sergi, C.L. Page
Pages: 67 - 76

Some Spanish experiences on corrosion rate measurements
Author(s): A.M. García, F. Muñoz
Pages: 77 - 88

On site corrosion measurements in structures under different exposure conditions
Author(s): M. Salta, E. Pereira
Pages: 89 - 97

Field experience, corrosion rate measurements in the marine environment
Author(s): P. Fidjestøl, O. Jørgensen
Pages: 99 - 108

Measurements of rebar corrosion rates in the concrete structure of a building with 40 years service life in a marine environment
Author(s): M.A. Climent, A.J. Marco, G. de Vera, S. Campos
Pages: 109 - 121

Relation between climate and corrosion rate
Author(s): C. Andrade, J. Sarría, C. Alonso
Pages: 123 - 141

Session two: Application of corrosion models, structural performance and evaluation of repair methods

Numerical simulation of corrosion rate determination by linear polarization
Author(s): J. Gulikers
Pages: 145 - 156

The use of the graph corrosion rate-resistivity in the measurement of the corrosion current
Author(s): C. Andrade, J. Fullea, C. Alonso
Pages: 157 - 165

Sensitivity and reliability of embedded polarization resistance probes in concrete structures: full scale and laboratory experiences
Author(s): E. Proverbio
Pages: 167 - 175

Draft - RILEM recommendations on "Measurements with embedded sensors"
Author(s): Ø. Vennesland
Pages: 177 - 189

Testing of a corrosion-Inhibiting impregnation on carbonated concrete slabs containing slightly to moderately corroded rebars
Author(s): B. Marazzani
Pages: 215 - 223