Materials and Structures 125 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 21 , N° 125
Année: 1988


Author(s): M. Fickelson
Pages: 321 - 322

The dynamic elastic modulus of hardened cement paste. Part 1: A new statistical model-water and ice filled pores
Author(s): B. Zech, M.J. Setzer
Pages: 323 - 328

Determination of preferred orientation degree of portlandite by using rocking curve of diffraction line
Author(s): Chen Zhi Yuan, Zhao Wei Min, Lin Jiang
Pages: 329 - 335

Difference of th W/C ratio, porosity and microscopical aspect between the upper boundary paste and the lower boundary paste of the aggregate in concrete
Author(s): M. Hoshino
Pages: 336 - 340

Moment curvature relationship of reinforced concrete sections under combined bending and normal force
Author(s): B. Espion, P. Halleux
Pages: 341 - 351

Long-term properties under marine exposure of steel fibre reinforced concrete containing pfa
Author(s): P.S. Mangat, K. Gurusamy
Pages: 352 - 358

Behaviour of shear connectors under dynamic loads
Author(s): K.C. Naithani, V.K. Gupta, A.D. Gadh
Pages: 359 - 363

Some mechanical and thermal properties of clay bricks for the Jordan valley region
Author(s): B.A. Jubran, S.M. Habali, M.A.S. Hamdan, A.I.O. Zaid
Pages: 364 - 369

Accrochage direct d'un enduit sur un isolant par une liaison de type mécanique dans le cadre d'un procédé d'isolation par l'extérieur
Author(s): I. Dupin, C.H. Detriche, J.C. Maso
Pages: 370 - 378

Measurement and the effect of different solvents on thin polymer film surface resistance
Author(s): G. Leonidopoulos
Pages: 379 - 383

A3-DOF testing machine for in-place behaviour of structures
Author(s): G.M. Calvi
Pages: 384 - 393

Determination of particle density of lightweight aggregates with porous surface
Author(s): P. Maydil
Pages: 394 - 397