Materials and Structures 136 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 23 , N° 136
Année: 1990


Author(s): M. Fickelson
Pages: 239 - 240

Composite modelling of masonry deformation
Author(s): J.J. Brooks
Pages: 241 - 251

Lime-stabillized red mud bricks
Author(s): A. Dass, S.K. Malhotra
Pages: 252 - 255

Mix design and mechanical behaviour of some steel-fibre-reinforced concretes used in reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): P. Rossi, N. Harrouche
Pages: 256 - 266

Retrait et adhérence du béton modifié au latex
Author(s): F. Saucier, D. Bordeleau, M. Pigeon
Pages: 267 - 276

Proposal for limitation and control of fines in calcareous sands based upon their influence in some concrete properties
Author(s): J.L. Ramirez, J.M. Barcena, J.I. Urreta
Pages: 277 - 288

On the correlation between porosity and strength in high-alumina cement mortars
Author(s): F. Indelicato
Pages: 289 - 295

A new method for the measurement of tensile properties of curved specimens
Author(s): S. Arnaout, M.N. Pavlovic, J.W. Dougill
Pages: 296 - 304

Statistical features of mechanical properties of current Japanese steels
Author(s): H. Yamanouchi, B. Kato, H. Aoki, RILEM TC 83-CUS
Pages: 305 - 315

Application of fracture mechanics to concrete structures
Author(s): L. Elfgren, RILEM
Pages: 316 - 316