Materials and Structures 142 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 24 , N° 142
Année: 1991


Author(s): M. Fickelson
Pages: 241 - 242

Investigations of reinforcement corrosion. 1. The pore electrolyte phase in chloride-contaminated concrete
Author(s): C.L. Page, P. Lambert, P.R.W. Vassie
Pages: 243 - 252

Damage classification of concrete structures. The state of the art report of RILEM Technical Committee 04-DCC activity
Author(s): T. Javor, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 253 - 259

Principles of a standard survey and damage classification system for concrete structures
Author(s): K.F. Müller, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 260 - 264

State-of-the-art report: The use of damage classification systems for concrete structures
Author(s): K.R. Lauer, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 265 - 267

Classification of damage in concrete bridges
Author(s): B.D. Zacic, A. Ryzynski, C. Guo-Hong, J. Jokela, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 268 - 275

Classification of damage and its causes as applied to precast concrete building
Author(s): R.J. Folic, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 276 - 285

A classification of damage to concrete buildings in earthquakes, illustrated by examples
Author(s): R.J. Folic, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 286 - 292

Damage to concrete structures in the Finnish housing stock
Author(s): J. Jokela, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 293 - 301

Damage to concrete structures in a marine environment
Author(s): P.C. Liu, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 302 - 307

Ageing management of safety-related concrete structures to provide improved bases for continuing the service of nuclear power plants
Author(s): D.J. Naus, C.B. Oland, E.G. Arndt, RILEM TC 104-DCC
Pages: 308 - 316

Abstracts of recommendations on aerated lightweight concrete
Author(s): RILEM TC 51-ALC
Pages: 317 - 320