Materials and Structures 159 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 26 , N° 159
Année: 1993


RILEM Workshop: Leaching Conditions of Concrete and Cement-bound Materials
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 312 - 316

Strength development in hardened cement paste: examination of some empirical equations
Author(s): L.F. Nielsen
Pages: 255 - 260

A statistical method for the assessement of concrete strength through microcores
Author(s): F. Indelicato
Pages: 261 - 267

Two-function method for the prediction of concrete creep under decreasing stress
Author(s): L.L. Yue, L. Taerwe
Pages: 268 - 273

The impact-echo response of concrete plates containing delaminations: numerical, experimental and field studies
Author(s): C. Cheng, M. Sansalone
Pages: 274 - 285

Capillary water migration in rock: process and material properties examined by NMR imaging
Author(s): T.A. Carpenter, E.S. Davies, C. Hall, L.D. Hall, W.D. Hoff, M.A. Wilson
Pages: 286 - 292

Experimental tests on the shear behaviour of dowels connecting concrete slabs to stone masonry walls
Author(s): E. Giuriani, N. Gattesco, M. Del Piccolo
Pages: 293 - 301

Repointing mortars for conservation of a historic stone building in Trinity College, Dublin
Author(s): A.P. Duffy, T.P. Cooper, S.H. Perry
Pages: 302 - 306

Mesure des déformations du béton au jeune âge
Author(s): C. Boulay, C. Paties
Pages: 307 - 311