Materials and Structures 160 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 26 , N° 160
Année: 1993


Author(s): M. Brusin
Pages: 317 - 318

From clinker to concrete-an overall modelling
Author(s): J. Baron, A. Bascoul, G. Escadeillas, G. Chaudouard
Pages: 319 - 327

Improved method of electrical resistance- a suitable technique for checking the state of concrete reinforcement
Author(s): V. Zivica
Pages: 328 - 332

Fluage et retrait du béton de sable
Author(s): A. Benaïssa, P. Morlier, C. Viguier
Pages: 333 - 339

Sulphur concrete in products for agriculture
Author(s): J. Ekblad, B.G. Hellers, L. Thylén
Pages: 340 - 347

Buckling of polymer pipes under internal pressure
Author(s): M. Motavalli, M. Farshad, P. Flüeler
Pages: 348 - 354

Effect of heat-ageing on the thermal and mechanical properties of APP -and SBS- modified bituminous roofind membranes
Author(s): I. Rodriguez, O. Dutt, R.M. Paroli, N.P. Mailvaganam
Pages: 355 - 361

Rheological behaviour of wood in directions perpendicular to the grain
Author(s): A. Ranta-Maunus
Pages: 362 - 369

Wood viscoelastic compliance determination with special attention to measurement problems
Author(s): K. Hayashi, B. Felix, C. Le Govic
Pages: 370 - 376

1993 RILEM Meetings
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 377 - 379