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An experimental study on shear characteristics of perfobond strip and its rational strength equations

Title: An experimental study on shear characteristics of perfobond strip and its rational strength equations
Author(s): U. Yoshitaka, H. Tetsuya, M. Kaoru
Paper category : conference
Book title: International Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete
Editor(s): R. Eligehausen
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-25-X
e-ISBN: 2351580346
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2001
Pages: 1066 - 1075
Total Pages: 10
Nb references: 18
Language: English

Abstract: This paper deals with the rational shearing strength equation and the slip behavior for shear connectors called the Perfobond Strip (Concrete Dowel: hereinafter, abbreviated to PBL) that is used at the continuous composite girder of railroad bridges. This PBL is the shear connector proposed by Leonhardt in Germany, and its composite effect between steel and concrete is very high due to the shearing resistance of the concrete in perforations of the steel plate. Also, the PBL shear connectors Strip is recognized having high fatigue strength. Strength evaluation equations for the design of PBL shear connectors are proposed by various investigators in the world. Existing research has clarified that the shearing strength of PBL shear connectors is very dependent on the perforation diameter and the compression strength of concrete in case of no reinforcement bars. In actual structure, however, the reinforcing bars were arranged to the neighborhood of shear connectors in most of the case.
Thus, in this investigation, the authors chose the strip thickness, the distance of strips, the presence of reinforcing bars and the perforation diameter as experimental parameters.
Also, from the result of a multi linear regression analysis based on data published in the world including our data, two kinds of new rational strength equations for PBL shear connectors were derived. One is a strength equation without reinforcing bars and the other is a strength equation with reinforcing bars. It became clear that these evaluation equations express data of push-out test well. The strength equations for design are also proposed, respectively.

Online publication: 2009-12-31
Publication type : full_text
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