Proceedings pro022 : International RILEM Symposium on Joints in Timber Structures

Title: International RILEM Symposium on Joints in Timber Structures
Edited by S. Aicher and H.W. Reinhardt
ISBN: 2-912143-28-4
e-ISBN: 2351580354
Pages: 672
Publication date: 2001

The primary objective of this RILEM Symposium was to provide a forum for presentation of the latest results in research and of technological developments concerning joints in timber engineering.
Joints play a highly decisive role in timber engineering; they are in general more design relevant as in concrete and steel construction. Timber constructions consist of assemblies of discrete parts/elements. Often elements are not monolithic but themselves jointed assemblies and even macroscopic monolithic parts, frequently, are multiple jointed build-ups, as for instance glulam based on finger jointing. Two main groups of joints are to be differentiated: the rather ductile joints with mechanical fasteners and the very stiff glued joints.
The symposium contributions, both experimental and theoretical, cover new jointing technologies, i.e. such as self-tapping screws, reinforcements of bolted joints, simultaneous wood steel drilling-bolt setting concepts, hidden joint solutions emanating from furniture technology and latest developments in timber-concrete slab connectors. Glued-in rod joints, now on the rim of becoming regular jointing and reinforcement alternatives, glued joints in general and adhesive performance evaluation are major points of the contents, too. Joint behaviour in static, dynamic, short- and long-term loading and at fire conditions is discussed.
The papers of international experts cover experiments, modelling and design issues. The book addresses to doctoral students, scientists, professional engineers and industry.