Materials and Structures 164 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 26 , N° 164
Année: 1993


Improved prediction model for time-dependent deformations of concrete: Part 7 - Short form of BP-KX model, statistics and extrapolation of shorttime data
Author(s): Z.P. Bazant, Y. Xi, S. Baweja
Pages: 567 - 574

Méthode d'étude mécanique et physico-chimique de l'interface acier-béton
Author(s): R. Francois, M. Arnaud, G. Arliguie, A. Ayed
Pages: 575 - 586

Application of microcomputers in the retrieval and processing of data in the study of the durability of reinforced concrete
Author(s): J.B. Cabrera, P.A. Claisse, C.J. Lynsdale
Pages: 587 - 593

Le disque soumis à des charges diamétrales uniformes radiales
Author(s): F. Van Cauwelaert
Pages: 594 - 599

Fly ash and slag: standards and specifications-help or hindrance?
Author(s): R.N. Swamy
Pages: 600 - 613

An automated method and device for the measurement of coating flexibility
Author(s): T. Lappalainen, T. Kanko, H. Olkkonen, P. Ahola
Pages: 614 - 620