Materials and Structures 166 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 27 , N° 166
Année: 1994


Resolution-dependant characterization of interconnected pore sytems: development and suitability of a new method
Author(s): B. Meng
Pages: 63 - 70

Microstructural characterization of mode I crack opening in mortar
Author(s): A. Bascoul, A. Turatsinze
Pages: 71 - 78

Failure of slender and stocky reinforced concrete columns: tests of size effect
Author(s): Z.P. Bazant, Y.W. Knon
Pages: 79 - 90

The stress-strain relationship of concrete
Author(s): H. Schneeberger
Pages: 91 - 98

A general bilinear fit for the softening curve of concrete
Author(s): G.V. Guinea, J. Planas, M. Elices
Pages: 99 - 105

Study of the strength of very young concrete as a function of the amount of hydrates formed - influence of superplasticizer
Author(s): C. Legrand, E. Wirquin
Pages: 106 - 109

Relationship between absolute viscosity of polymer-modified bitumens and rutting resistance of pavement
Author(s): D. Sybilski
Pages: 110 - 120

Technical Session of the 47th Meeting of RILEM General Council
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 121 - 124