Materials and Structures 171 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 27 , N° 171
Année: 1994


Restrained shrinkage in repaired reinforced concrete elements
Author(s): Ying-Su Yuan, M. Marosszeky
Pages: 375 - 382

A study of the behaviour of volume change cracking in base restrained concrete walls
Author(s): G.F. Kheder, R.S. Al-Rawi, J.K. Al-Dhahi
Pages: 383 - 392

Modelling lime mortar carbonation
Author(s): K. Van Balen, D. Van Gemert
Pages: 393 - 398

Quantification of high alumina cement content in concrete by means of gamma ray spectrometry
Author(s): J.S. Chinchón, J. Baró, J. Tent, J.J. Elvira
Pages: 399 - 400

Structure formation of slag ash concrete on the basis of high-calcium fly ash and silica fume
Author(s): S.I. Pavlenko
Pages: 401 - 407

Mortar deterioration of the masonry walls in historic buildings. A case history: Vanvitelli's Mole in Ancona
Author(s): G. Moriconi, M.G. Castellano, M. Collepardi
Pages: 408 - 414

Draft recommendation for repair strategies for concrete structures damaged by reinforcement corrosion
Author(s): RILEM TC 124-SRC
Pages: 415 - 436