Materials and Structures 204 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 30 , N° 204
Année: 1997


Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 578 - 578

Meso-level analysis of moisture flow in cement composites using a lattice type approach
Author(s): H. Sadouki, J. M. G. Van Mier
Pages: 579 - 587

Thoughts about drying shrinkage: experimental results and quantification of structural drying creep
Author(s): L. Granger, J.-M. Torrenti, P. Acker
Pages: 588 - 598

An analysis of the shear strength of recycled aggregates
Author(s): M. M. O'Mahony
Pages: 599 - 606

Durability of cementitious binder derived from industrial process wastes
Author(s): M. Singh, M. Garg
Pages: 607 - 612

Use of the electrochemical noise for studying the rate of corrosion of reinforcements embedded in concrete
Author(s): L. Mariaca, A. Bautista, P. Rodriguez, J. A. Gonzalez
Pages: 613 - 617

Compatibility and storage stability of styrene-butadien- styrene copolymer modified bitumens
Author(s): X. Lu, U. Isaccson
Pages: 618 - 626

Fixation des adjuvants de type polynapthalène ou poly-mélamine sulfonates dans les mortiers et les bétons
Author(s): B. Pollet, B. Germaneau, C. Defossé
Pages: 627 - 630

Abrasion test for precast concrete paving products
Author(s): M. Vallès
Pages: 631 - 633

A new device for planar shear test on wood-based panels
Author(s): N. Baldassino, P. Zanon, R. Zanuttini
Pages: 634 - 639