Materials and Structures 210 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 31 , N° 210
Année: 1998


Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 362 - 362

TC 127-MS: TESTS FOR MASONRY MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES Recommendations MS.A.6: Method for triaxial compression tests on mortar specimens taken from bed joints MS B.2: Measurement of shear strength of reinforcement in bed joints MS.B.3: Bond strength of
Author(s): RILEM TC 127-MS
Pages: 363 - 377

Hygrothermal and mechanical model of concrete at high temperature
Author(s): C.E. Majorana, V. Salomoni, B. A. Schrefler
Pages: 378 - 386

Air cooling of concrete by means of embedded cooling pipes: Part II-Application in design
Author(s): P Groth, H. Hedlund
Pages: 387 - 392

Critères d'injectabilité de coulis de ciments ultrafins
Author(s): V. Viseur, M. Barrioulet
Pages: 393 - 399

Expansive cement blend for use in shrinkage-compensating mortars
Author(s): M.S.S. Ribeiro
Pages: 400 - 404

Comportement en torsion du matériau bois
Author(s): O. Ayina, P. Morlier
Pages: 405 - 410

Seismic performance behaviour of beam-column connections in prestressed concrete bridges
Author(s): Y.L. Mo, S.P. Tsai, I.S. Lee
Pages: 411 - 417

Mechanical properties and wear strengths in aluminum-alumina composites
Author(s): E. Atik
Pages: 418 - 422

The use of magnetic resonance imaging techniques in assessing the uptake of surface treatments and water movement through stone faces
Author(s): T. B. Benson, P. J. McDonald, M. Mulheron, S. O. Nwaubani
Pages: 423 - 427

Time-delayed rupture of stones under low tensile and bending stress states
Author(s): S. Sorace
Pages: 428 - 432