Materials and Structures 211 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 31 , N° 211
Année: 1998


Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 434 - 434

Factors controlling cracking of concrete affected by reinforcement corrosion
Author(s): C. Alonso, C. Andrade, J. Rodriguez, J.M. Diez
Pages: 435 - 441

Cracking in concrete structures due to imposed strains with regard to design of reinforcement
Author(s): S. Thelandersson, J. Alemo, A. Nagy
Pages: 442 - 450

Crack propagation in concrete subjected to flexural-cyclic loading
Author(s): A. Toumi, A. Bascoul, A. Turatsinze
Pages: 451 - 458

Protection provided by surface treatments against chloride induced corrosion
Author(s): L. Basheer, D.J. Cleland, A.E. Long
Pages: 459 - 464

Experimental studies on low-rise structural walls
Author(s): Y.L. Mo, Y. Kuo
Pages: 465 - 472

A comparative study on the approximate analysis of masonry structures
Author(s): J.S. Lee, G.N. Pande, B. Kralj
Pages: 473 - 479

Effects of carbonaceous particles and heavy metals on mortar-S02 reactions
Author(s): G. Zappia, C. Sabbioni, G. Gobbi
Pages: 480 - 486

Triaxial creep behaviour of plain concrete at high stresses: a survey of theoretical models
Author(s): E. Papa, A. Taliercio, E. Gobbi
Pages: 487 - 493

Fresh concrete: a Herschel-Bulkley material
Author(s): F. de Larrard, C.F. Ferraris, T. Sedran
Pages: 494 - 498

Fourth International Symposium on Roofing Technology
Author(s): W. Rossiter
Pages: 499 - 502

Mr. Dale Bentz - Robert L'Hermite Medallist for 1998
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 502 - 502