Materials and Structures 212 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 31 , N° 212
Année: 1998


Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 506 - 506

TC 107-CSP: CREEP AND SHRINKAGE PREDICTION MODELS: PRINCIPLES OF THEIR FORMATION - Recommendation: Measurement of time-dependent strains of concrete
Author(s): RILEM TC 107-CSP
Pages: 507 - 512

TC 127-MS: TESTS FOR MASONRY MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES - Recommendations: MS.A3. Unidirectional freeze-thaw test for masonry units and wallettes - MS.B5. Determination of the damage to wallettes caused by acid rain
Author(s): RILEM TC 127-MS
Pages: 513 - 521

Determination of the moisture storage characteristics of porous capillary active materials
Author(s): M. Krus, K. Kiessl
Pages: 522 - 529

Ductility requirements for redistribution of moments in reinforced concrete elements and a possible size effect
Author(s): A. Pisanty, P. E. Regan
Pages: 530 - 535

Details of reinforcement of autoclaved aerated concrete lintels for shear and anchorage
Author(s): K. Kuenen, M. Boutros
Pages: 536 - 542

Reinforcement of cementitious matrices by warp knitted fabrics
Author(s): A. Peled, A. Bentur
Pages: 543 - 550

Low temperature stress growth and relaxation in crack sealing materials
Author(s): L. Zanzotto, J. Stastna
Pages: 551 - 554

Effect of initial creep conditions and temporary unloading on the long-term response of stones
Author(s): S. Sorace
Pages: 555 - 562

Self-sealing, autogenous healing and continued hydration: What is the difference?
Author(s): N. Hearn
Pages: 563 - 567

A water sorptivity test for mortar and concrete
Author(s): B.B. Sabir, S. Wild, M. O'Farrell
Pages: 568 - 574

2nd International RILEM Conference on the Interfacial Transition Zone in Cementitious Composites
Author(s): A. Bentur
Pages: 575 - 576