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Site control on masonry materials and workmanship in Norway

Author(s): A. Waldum
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: International RILEM Workshop on On-Site Control and Evaluation of Masonry Structures
Editor(s): L. Binda, R.C. de Vekey
ISBN: 2-912143-34-9
Pages: 25 - 31
Total Pages: 7
Language: English

In Norway most of the brick masonry of today can be classified as non-loadbearing walls. Loadbearing brick masonry has however got a stronger position the recent years. The typical use of brick masonry in external walls is as cavity walls or as veneer walls.

The light expanded clay aggregate concrete block (Leca) is by far the most used masonry unit. Leca masonry is used as confined masonry within reinforced concrete beams and columns and within frames of steel in several types of buildings, as loadbearing masonry in low-risk apartment buildings, etc.

The on site control of masonry materials and workmanship reflect this market situation. It is the severe climate and not the strength capacity that is given priority in the control. Properties like durability and water penetration are focused. The paper gives a brief presentation of the execution of on site control.

Online publication: 2003
Publication Type: full_text
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