Materials and Structures 215 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 32 , N° 215
Année: 1999


Author(s): J. Mazars
Pages: 2 - 2

Gas permeability of concrete in relation to its degree of saturation
Author(s): A. Abbas, M. Carcasses, J.-P. Ollivier
Pages: 3 - 8

An inverse problem analysis for determination of probabilistic parameters of concrete behaviour modeled by a statistical approach
Author(s): E. M. R. Fairbairn, Q. M. Guedes, F. J. Ulm
Pages: 9 - 13

La microfissuration d'autodessication et la durabilité des BHP et BTHP
Author(s): M.P. Yssorche-Cubaynes, J. P. Ollivier
Pages: 14 - 21

A micromechanical model for linear homogenization of brick masonry
Author(s): S. Briccoli Bati, G. Ranocchiai, L. Rovero
Pages: 22 - 30

Dynamic response under human movements
Author(s): N. K. C. Alves, N. Roitman, C. Magluta
Pages: 31 - 37

Effect of wind on drying from porous building materials surfaces: a simple model in steady-state
Author(s): S. Jacobsen, L. I. Aarseth
Pages: 38 - 44

Deterioration in XI-XIV century Arab ramparts (Granada, Spain)
Author(s): E. Ontiveros Ortega, E. M. Sebastián Pardo, I. Valverde Espino
Pages: 45 - 51

Plâtres renforcés de fibres cellulosiques
Author(s): M. M. Khenfer, P. P. Morlier
Pages: 52 - 58

Mesure en continu par ultrasons durant la prise et le durcissement des matériaux de construction
Author(s): L. Belkheiri, M. Bocquet, M. L. Abidi, M. Zoukaghe
Pages: 59 - 62

On the compressive strength development of high-performance concrete and paste - effect of silica fume
Author(s): K. O. Kjellsen, O.H. Wallevik, M. Hallgren
Pages: 63 - 69

Uniaxial deformation-stress behaviour of the rammed-earth of the Alcazaba Cadima
Author(s): J. R. Arango Gonzáles
Pages: 70 - 74

Teaching materials to civil engineers: risk and safety, experiments and regulations
Author(s): D. Breysse
Pages: 75 - 79