Materials and Structures 229 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 33 , N° 229
Année: 2000


Author(s): S. Mindess
Pages: 282 - 282

Recommendations of RILEM TC 106-AAR: Alkali aggregate reaction A. TC 106-2 - Detection of potential alkali-reactivity of aggregates -The ultra-accelerated mortar-bar test B. TC 106-3 - Detection of potential alkali-reactivity of aggregates - Method for aggregate combinations using concrete prisms
Author(s): RILEM TC 106-AAR
Pages: 283 - 293

Residual compressive strength and microstructure of high performance concrete after exposure to high temperature
Author(s): X. Luo, W. Sun, Y. N. Chan
Pages: 294 - 298

Finite element evaluation of the boundary conditions for biaxial testing of high strength concrete
Author(s): A. Hussein, H. Marzouk
Pages: 299 - 308

The effect of specimen size on the fracture energy and softening function of concrete
Author(s): X. H. Guo, R. I. Gilbert
Pages: 309 - 316

Application of factorial models to predict the effect of anti-washout admixture, superplasticizer and cement on slump, flow time and washout resistance of underwater concrete
Author(s): M. Sonebi, A. K. Tamimi, P. J. M. Bartos
Pages: 317 - 323

Mixed recycling with emulsion and cement of asphalt pavements. Design procedure and improvements achieved
Author(s): R. Miró Recasens, F. E. Pérez, S. Castillo
Pages: 324 - 330

Changes in the permeability to gas of calcareous stone core samples exposed to salt spray
Author(s): J.-M. Birgine, F. Auger, T. Rivas Brea
Pages: 331 - 337

Utility of statistical models in proportioning self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): K. H. Khayat, A. Ghezal, M. S. Hadriche
Pages: 338 - 344