Materials and Structures 231 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 33 , N° 231
Année: 2000


Author(s): H.-W. Reinhardt
Pages: 410 - 410

Stress-strain curve for the design of high-strength concrete elements
Author(s): I. Shehata, L. Shehata, T. S. Mattos
Pages: 411 - 418

Effect of fine particles on some characteristics of granular base courses
Author(s): B. Babic, A. Prager, T. Rukavina
Pages: 419 - 424

Developing unified rheological curves for polymer-modified asphalts - Part I. Theoretical analysis
Author(s): A. Shenoy
Pages: 425 - 429

Developing unified rheological curves for polymer-modified asphalts - Part II. Experimental verification
Author(s): A. Shenoy
Pages: 430 - 437

Bitumens modified with recycled polymers
Author(s): M. Murphy, M. O'Mahony, C. Lycett, I. Jamieson
Pages: 438 - 444

Fracture of parallel strand lumber (PSL) under impact loading
Author(s): P. Sukontasukkul, F. Lam, S. Mindess
Pages: 445 - 449

Pull-out tests of steel-encased specimens subjected to reversed cycling loading
Author(s): K. Lundgren
Pages: 450 - 456

A comparison between bending and diametral fatigue tests for bituminous materials
Author(s): H. A. Khalid
Pages: 457 - 465

Variation des facteurs d'efficacité caractérisant les additions minérales
Author(s): M. Cyr, P. Lawrence, E. Ringot, A. Carles-Gibergues
Pages: 466 - 472