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Materials and Structures 246 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 35 , N° 246
Année: 2002


Active and non-active porosity in concrete - Part 1: Experimental evidence
Author(s): I. O. Yaman, N. Hearn, H. M. Aktan
Pages: 102 - 109

Active and non-active porosity in concrete - Part 2: Evaluation of existing models
Author(s): I. O. Yaman, H. M. Aktan, N. Hearn
Pages: 110 - 116

Optimization of the test method for determining the bonding quality of core plywood (blockboard)
Author(s): R. Zanuttini, C. Cremonini
Pages: 126 - 132

Full-scale tests on rectangular hollow bridge piers
Author(s): Y.-K. Yeh, Y. L. Mo, C. Y. Yang
Pages: 117 - 125

Characterisation of old mortars with respect to their repair - In-situ visual analysis and practical sampling of historic mortars
Author(s): RILEM TC 167-COM, J. J. Hughes, K. Callebaut
Pages: 70 - 75

Properties of early age concrete - Experiments and modelling
Author(s): A. Gutsch
Pages: 76 - 79

Effects of microstructure on restrained autogenous shrinkage behavior in high strength concretes at early ages
Author(s): S. Igarashi, M. Kawamura
Pages: 80 - 84

Restrained shrinkage cracking: the role of shrinkage reducing admixtures and specimen geometry
Author(s): W. J. Weiss, S. P. Shah
Pages: 85 - 91

Early age creep and stress relaxation of concrete containing blended cements
Author(s): I. Pane, W. Hansen
Pages: 92 - 96

Efficiency of lightweight aggregates for internal curing of high strength concrete to eliminate autogenous shrinkage
Author(s): S. Zhutovsky, K. Kovler, A. Bentur
Pages: 97 - 101