Materials and Structures 268 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 37 , N° 268
Année: 2004


Special Issue on Poromechanics of Cement-Based Materials - Part II

Modelling of deformations of high strength concrete at elevated temperatures
Author(s): D. Gawin, F. Pesavento, B.A. Schrefler
Pages: 218 - 236

Swelling, shrinkage and creep: a mechanical approach to cement hydration
Author(s): P. Acker
Pages: 237 - 243

Thermo-hygro-mechanical degradation of concrete: from coupled 3D material modelling to durability-oriented multifield structural analyses
Author(s): S. Grasberger, G. Meschke
Pages: 244 - 256

Predicting the volume instability of hydrated cement systems upon freezing using poro-mechanics and local phase equilibria
Author(s): B. Zuber, J. Marchand
Pages: 257 - 270

Poromechanical approach describing the moisture influence on the non-linear quasi-static and dynamic behaviour of porous building materials
Author(s): J. Carmeliet, K. Van Den Abeele
Pages: 271 - 280