Materials and Structures 270 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 37 , N° 270
Année: 2004


Effect of seismic isolation bearing with sliding mechanism on the response of bridge
Author(s): S. K. Park, K. B. Han
Pages: 412 - 421

Mineralogical, chemical and thermal characterisations of ancient mortars of the church of Santa María de Irache Monastery (Navarra, Spain)
Author(s): C. Montoya, J. Lanas, M. Arandigoyen, P. J. García Casado, J. I. Alvarez
Pages: 433 - 439

A model for predicting time-dependent chloride binding capacity of cement-fly ash cementitious system
Author(s): T. Sumranwanich, S. Tangtermsirikul
Pages: 387 - 396

A new coupling FE model for the simulation of thermal-hydro-mechanical behavior of concretes at high temperatures
Author(s): G. Mounajed, W. Obeid
Pages: 422 - 432

Water distribution in concrete beams
Author(s): S. Multon, F. Toutlemonde
Pages: 378 - 386

Fracture behavior of SFRC slabs on grade
Author(s): A. Meda, G. A. Plizzari, P. Riva
Pages: 405 - 411

Simulation of silica fume blended cement hydration
Author(s): J. Yajun, J. H. Cahyadi
Pages: 397 - 404