Materials and Structures 273 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 37 , N° 273
Année: 2004


A compact analytical material model for unconfined concrete under uni-axial compression
Author(s): P. Kumar
Pages: 585 - 590

Strength design guidelines for fastenings in concrete - Revisited
Author(s): V. I. Yagust, D. Z. Yankelevsky
Pages: 570 - 574

Recommendations of RILEM TC-154-EMC: "Electrochemical techniques for measuring metallic corrosion" Test methods for on-site corrosion rate measurement of steel reinforcement in concrete by means of the polarization resistance method
Author(s): RILEM TC-154-EMC, C. Andrade, C. ALONSO, J. Gulikers, R. B. Polder, R. Cigna, Ř. Vennesland, M. Salta
Pages: 623 - 643

Fire resistance of self-compacting concrete, SCC
Author(s): B. Persson
Pages: 575 - 584

Hygrothermal properties of glass fiber reinforced cements subjected to elevated temperature
Author(s): R. Cerný, J. Podebradská, M. Totová, J. Toman, J. Drchalová, P. Rovnaníková, P. Bayer
Pages: 597 - 607

Variation of chloride profiles in homogeneous areas
Author(s): P. Goltermann
Pages: 608 - 614

A model for non-Fickian moisture transfer in wood
Author(s): K. Krabbenhoft, L. Damkilde
Pages: 615 - 622

Evaluation of water absorption of concrete as a measure for resistance against carbonation and chloride migration
Author(s): G. De Schutter, K. Audenaert
Pages: 591 - 596

Recommendations of RILEM TC 167-COM: Characterization of old mortars Characterisation and damage analysis of old mortars
Author(s): RILEM TC 167-COM, R. P. J. Van Hees, L. Binda, I. Papayianni, E. Toumbakari
Pages: 644 - 648

Discussion of the paper 'Studies on corrosion inhibition of steel reinforcement by phosphate and nitrite' by L. Dhouibi, E. Triki, M. Salta, P. Rodrigues and A. Raharinaivo
Author(s): W. G. Hime
Pages: 663 - 663

Discussion of the paper 'Use of recycled materials in constructions' by Ch.F.Hendricks and G.M.T.Janssen, Mater. Struct., Vol.36, November 2003
Author(s): A. Leshchinsky
Pages: 664 - 664

Application of nanotechnology in construction. Summary of a state-of-the-art report
Author(s): RILEM TC 197-NCM, W. Zhu, P. J. M. Bartos, A. Porro
Pages: 649 - 658

Summary report on CSNI/RILEM Workshop on use and performance of concrete in NPP fuel-cycle facilities
Author(s): D. J. Naus, C. Andrade, E. Mathet, L. Smith
Pages: 659 - 662