Concrete Science and Engineering 3 : Concrete Science and Engineering

ISSN: 1295-2826
Issue: Volume 1 , N° 3
Année: 1999


Author(s): J.F. Young
Pages: 129 - 129

Fatigue life of plain concrete under various loading waveforms
Author(s): B. Zhang, D. V. Phillips
Pages: 130 - 139

Self-leveling concrete - Design and properties
Author(s): J. Ambroise, S. Rols, J. Péra
Pages: 140 - 147

The formation of C-S-H/polymer complexes with superplasticizing polymers
Author(s): H. Matsuyama, J. F. Young
Pages: 148 - 156

Crack extension in cementitious materials by acoustic emission
Author(s): M. Ohtsu, M. C. Mumwam, H. P. Rossmanith
Pages: 157 - 165

Behavior of calcium oxide-based expansive cement
Author(s): D. E. Swanson, J. F. Labuz
Pages: 166 - 172

On interface property characterization and performance of fiber-reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): Z. Lin, T. Kanda, V. C. Li
Pages: 173 - 184

Thermal dehydration of tobermorite and Jennite
Author(s): P. Yu, J. R. Kirkpatrick
Pages: 185 - 191