Concrete Science and Engineering 8 : Concrete Science and Engineering

ISSN: 1295-2826
Issue: Volume 2 , N° 8
Année: 2000


The mechanical properties of a filament wound glass fiber reinforced Portland cement composite
Author(s): L. J. Meyer, T. J. Mackin, J. Mott
Pages: 196 - 205

Prediction models based on gel-pore parameters for compressive strength of aerated concrete
Author(s): N. Narayanan, K. Ramamurthy
Pages: 206 - 212

On the under-pressure in the pore water of sealed high performance concrete, HPC
Author(s): B. Persson
Pages: 213 - 221

Microwave treatment of high performance cement-based materials
Author(s): G. Levita, A. Marchetti, G. Gallone, F. Baldi, G. L. Guerrini
Pages: 222 - 229

A study of tie confined fiber reinforced concrete under axial compression
Author(s): K. Ramesh, D. R. Seshu, M. Prabhakar
Pages: 230 - 236

Special issue on Transport properties and microstructure of cement-based systems (1999 MRS Fall Meeting Symposium)

Author(s): S. Bhattacharja, E. Garboczi
Pages: 161 - 161

Examination of pore structure using three-dimensional image analysis of microtomographic data
Author(s): E. N. Landis, A. L. Petrell, S. Lu, E. N. Nagy
Pages: 162 - 169

Modeling of chloride penetration into concrete - Tracing five years' field exposure
Author(s): T. Luping, L.-O. Nilsson
Pages: 170 - 175

Coupling between diffusivity and cracks in cement-based systems
Author(s): C. Tognazzi, J.-M. Torrenti, M. Carcasses, J.-P. Ollivier
Pages: 176 - 181

Evaluation of freeze-thaw durability of concrete pavements with excellent long-term performance
Author(s): W. Hansen, K. A. Jensen, E. A. Jensen, I. Pane, P. Mohr
Pages: 182 - 190

Evaluation of compatibility between repair mortars and building materials in historic structures by the control of the microstructure of cement-based systems
Author(s): A. Moropoulou, A. Bakolas, P. Moundoulas, P. Michailidis
Pages: 191 - 195