Concrete Science and Engineering 13 : Concrete Science and Engineering

ISSN: 1295-2826
Issue: Volume 4 , N° 13
Année: 2002


Special issue on Durability mechanics of alkali-silica reaction of concrete

Author(s): Y. Xi, F.-J. Ulm
Pages: 1 - 1

The surface chemistry of the alkali-silica reaction: a critical evaluation and x-ray microscopy
Author(s): K. E. Kurtis, C. L. Collins, P. J. M. Monteiro
Pages: 2 - 11

Elements of micromechanics of ASR-induced swelling in concrete structures
Author(s): E. Lemarchand, L. Dormieux, F.-J. Ulm
Pages: 12 - 22

A mathematical model for the pessimum size effect of ASR in concrete
Author(s): A. Suwito, W. Jin, Y. Xi, C. Meyer
Pages: 23 - 34

Concrete ASR degradation: from material modeling to structure assessment
Author(s): K. Li, O. Coussy
Pages: 35 - 46

Is ASR-expansion caused by chemoporoplastic dilatation?
Author(s): F.-J. Ulm, M. Peterson, E. Lemarchand
Pages: 47 - 55

Modelling of alkali-aggregate reaction: orthotropic behaviour and numerical simulations
Author(s): B. Capra, A. Sellier
Pages: 56 - 70

A new accelerated method to evaluate the suppressing effect of mineral admixtures on alkali-silica reaction
Author(s): T. Y. Hao, N. Q. Feng, Y. L. Hui
Pages: 71 - 75