Concrete Science and Engineering 14 : Concrete Science and Engineering

ISSN: 1295-2826
Issue: Volume 4 , N° 14
Année: 2002


Autogenous and drying shrinkage of hybrid concrete
Author(s): H.-W. Reinhardt
Pages: 77 - 83

Influence of aggregate content on the transport properties of mortar using accelerated chloride migration test
Author(s): S. W. Cho, C. C. Yang, R. Huang
Pages: 84 - 90

Effect of selective positioning of steel microfibers on alkali-silica expansion
Author(s): M. C. Garci Juenger, C. P. Ostertag
Pages: 91 - 97

On length scales of fiber reinforced cementitious composites
Author(s): E. Chuang, M. Overland, F.-J. Ulm
Pages: 98 - 105

Reactivity of fly ash: extension and application of a shrinking core model
Author(s): H. J. H. Brouwers, R. J. van Eijk
Pages: 106 - 113

Curling of cement-based screeds
Author(s): J. Ambroise, J. F. Georgin, J. Péra, J. M. Reynouard
Pages: 114 - 120

Use of stabilizer agents in mixer drum wash water
Author(s): A. R. Chini, L. C. Muszynski, A. Pavlides
Pages: 121 - 128