Effect of freeze-thaw damage on concrete mechanical properties

Author(s): Yanxia Liu, Gaixin Chen, Guojin Ji, Xiangzhi Kong, Lintao Ma
Paper category: Conference
Book title: 2nd International conference on Microstructural-related Durability of Cementitious Composites
Editor(s): Guang Ye, K. Van Breugel, Wei Sun, Changwen Miao
Print ISBN: 978-2-35158-129-2
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-123-0
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Pages: 768-776
Total Pages: 8
Language: English

Freeze-thaw damage was one of the main reasons for the deterioration and aging of concrete structures. In this paper, the deterioration rules of concrete mechanical properties in freeze-thaw process were studied, and the relationship between damage amount and concrete properties was established. In the tests, relative dynamic elastic modulus of 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% were taken as different damage points, at which concrete mechanical property tests were carried out. The test results showed that concrete mechanical properties decreased with the increase of freeze-thaw damage levels. Freeze-thaw damage had much higher adverse influence on splitting tensile strength, bending strength and axial tensile strength than that on compressive strength. Based on the theory of damage mechanics, damage models were established between concrete properties and damage amount that was characterized by dynamic modulus of elasticity. The damage models can not only be beneficial to understand the deterioration rules and aging mechanisms of concrete properties under freeze-thaw conditions, but also can provide a theoretical basis for the diagnoses and identification of aging state of structural concrete.

Online publication: 2013
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