Properties of fly ash based geopolymer concrete made using special fly ash aggregates

Author(s): Muhammad Talha Junaid, O. Kayali, A. Khennane
Paper category: Conference
Book title: Rheology and processing of Construction Materials – 7th RILEM International Conference on Self-Compacting Concrete and 1st RILEM International Conference on Rheology and Processing of Construction Materials
Editor(s): Nicolas Roussel and Hela Bessaies-Bey
Print ISBN: 978-2-35158-137-7
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-138-4
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Pages: 381-388
Total Pages: 8
Language: English

The superior performance of Geopolymer paste mortar, and Concrete (GPC) when exposed to high temperatures has been well documented. However, limitations exist due to the use of similar aggregates, coarse and fine, in both Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete (OPC) and GPC. In this research GPC is produced using lightweight aggregates made entirely from Fly Ash (named FLASHAG) as replacement for ordinarily used aggregates. The current research looks into the ambient and residual properties of GPC made using these special aggregates to high temperatures of up to 1000oC. Mechanical properties including compressive strength, splitting strength, and modulus of elasticity of such concretes are reported. Comparisons with GPC produced using ordinary aggregates are made and are also compared with results reported for OPC concretes. Although at ambient temperatures all three concretes have similar properties, the performance of GPC made from FLASHAG is superior at elevated temperatures to both OPC and GPC made from ordinary aggregates.

Online publication: 2013
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