The impact of the amount of polypropylene fibres on spalling behaviour and residual mechanical properties of Reactive Powder Concretes

Author(s): I. Hager, T. Zdeb, K. Krzemień
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: Concrete Spalling due to Fire Exposure – Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop, Paris 2013
Editor(s): P. Pimienta, F. Meftah
Print ISBN: 978-2-7598-1074-1
Publisher: Edp sciences
Pages: 120 - 127
Total Pages: 8
Language: English

In this paper, an experimental study on the spalling behaviour and mechanical properties of Reactive Powder Concretes (RPCs) in high temperature are presented. The research program was established to evaluate the impact of low melting temperature polypropylene fibres PP on mechanical properties evolution with temperature but also to verify the effectiveness of their addition to prevent spalling. Three sets of RPC specimens were prepared for this study with different amount of PP fibres (no fibres, 1.0 kg/m³ and 2.0 kg/m³). The addition of PP fibres reduces the initial compressive strength of the RPC material by approx. 14% no significant influence on modulus of elasticity was observed. Addition of 1 kg/m³ of PP fibres in RPC, seem not to give a sufficient protection against occurrence of spalling phenomenon. By adding 2 kg/m³ of PP fibres the risk of spalling is significantly reduced.

Online publication: 2013
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