Neutron radiography of heated high-performance mortar

Author(s): B. Weber, M. Wyrzykowski, M. Griffa, S. Carl, E. Lehmann, P. Lura
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: Concrete Spalling due to Fire Exposure – Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop, Paris 2013
Editor(s): P. Pimienta, F. Meftah
Print ISBN: 978-2-7598-1074-1
Publisher: Edp sciences
Pages: 186 - 193
Total Pages: 8
Language: English

Neutron radiography was applied to investigate the water distribution in mortar samples heated from one side to 600°C. In mortar, aggregates and anhydrous cement are almost transparent to neutrons, while hydration products and water-filled capillary pores bear the largest attenuation. The evolution of the moisture profile shows a sharp dehydration front and accumulation of water due to condensation of water vapor behind this front.

Online publication: 2013
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