Experimental investigation on shear behavior of RC beams using UFC U-shaped permanent formwork

Author(s): P. Wirojjanapirom, K. Matsumoto, K. Kono, J. Niwa
Paper category: Symposium
Book title: RILEM-fib-AFGC International Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
Editor(s): F. Toutlemonde, J. Resplendino
Print ISBN: 978-2-35158-130-8
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-131-5
Publisher: RILEM Publications S.A.R.L
Pages: 187 – 196
Total Pages: 10
Language: English

Shear behaviour of RC beams using UFC U-shaped permanent formwork has been investigated. The UFC U-shaped permanent formwork with the interface shear key and bolts system is proposed. Four-point bending tests were conducted. Experimental parameters were the presence of shear keys and screwed bolts, the thickness of UFC permanent formwork and the presence of stirrups. The results of this investigation show the promising technology for practical applications. The UFC permanent formwork enhanced the shear capacity of RC beams more than twice. Moreover, the shear capacity increased with the increase in thickness
of UFC formwork. The shear resistance mechanisms were investigated. By using a UFC formwork with shear keys and screwed bolts, the UFC formwork prevented the widening of diagonal cracks inside RC. Finally, the shear carried by a UFC permanent formwork was investigated and the calculation method was proposed.

Online publication: 2014
Publication Type: full_text
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