Modified Wedge Splitting Test (MWST) - a simple tool for durability investigations of reinforcement corrosion in cracked concrete

Author(s): B. Šavija, E. Schlangen, J. Pacheco
Paper category: Conference
Book title: Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting III (ICCRRR)
Editor(s): M.G. Alexander, H.-D. Beushausen, F. Dehn, P. Moyo
Print ISBN: 978-0-415-89952-9
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Pages: 140 – 141
Total Pages: 2
Language: English

Reliable methods for controlled cracking of reinforced specimens in laboratory conditions are needed in order to experimentally study chloride ingress and reinforcement corrosion in cracks. In the paper, the Modified Wedge Splitting Test (MWST) for specimen cracking is presented. The setup is thoroughly explained, and the implications of proposed modifications are discussed. Load-Crack Opening Displacement (COD) curves are presented, and means of reducing crack closing after unloading are proposed. Cracking patterns are studied visually and destructively and compared to the regular wedge splitting test, commonly used in fracture mechanics testing. Significance of proposed modifications of the setup is discussed in the view of the available literature, especially with respect to their influence on reinforcing steel corrosion. The prospects of the proposed method are critically compared to other procedures for controlled cracking proposed in the literature.

Online publication: 2014
Publication Type: abstract_only
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