Condition assessment and repair strategy for seawater intake structure in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): M.K. Rahman, M. Ibrahim, S.M. Shaahid, M. Barry, M. Alkami, M.R. Taha
Paper category: Conference
Book title: Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting III (ICCRRR)
Editor(s): M.G. Alexander, H.-D. Beushausen, F. Dehn, P. Moyo
Print ISBN: 978-0-415-89952-9
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Pages: 215 - 216
Total Pages: 2
Language: English

A reinforced concrete seawater intake structure is in service over the past three decades in a hypersaline marine environment in Saudi Arabia. Concrete spalling/delamination and corrosion of reinforcing steel were observed in the portion of the structure above the waterline. Condition assessment of the intake structure from outside and inside above and below the water line was conducted. Non-destructive and partially destructive investigations above and underwater, chloride and sulfate ion profiles, chloride ion permeability, water absorption and petrographic study of concrete cores was carried out. The overall structural rating of the structure is “Poor to Fair” with some zones being rated as “ Serious”. Reinforcement in the splash zone and above, in the walls, girders and beams, and top slab inside the seawater intake chamber are in an active state of corrosion after 32 years in service in harsh marine environment. A repair strategy was developed to enhance the service life of the structure.

Online publication: 2014
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