Test method to determine durability of concrete under combined environmental actions and mechanical load

Author(s): L. Wang, Y. Yao, Z. Wang, P. Huang, X. Guan
Paper category: Conference
Book title: Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting III (ICCRRR)
Editor(s): M.G. Alexander, H.-D. Beushausen, F. Dehn, P. Moyo
Print ISBN: 978-0-415-89952-9
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Pages: 248- 249
Total Pages: 2
Language: English

Concrete structure is usually subject to the influence of both mechanical load and environmental factors. An innovative testing device has been developed in the China Building Materials Academy during the past decade with an aim to determine the durability of concrete structure under simultaneous effects of flexural stress, chemical corrosion and repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The device can accurately apply an external flexural load to specimen samples, while steadily maintaining the load for extended period of time. The device can simulate all combinations of three common damage factors that influence concrete structure, namely frost damage, de-icing salt attack and bending load. The device can collect data signals of strain, load, temperature as well as resistivity of the concrete specimen during its deterioration process. Having been tested successfully in laboratory studies, the device can be used to monitor the degradation of concrete structure under the attack of multiple damage factors.

Online publication: 2014
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